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I haven't responded to Zina for a while so here goes. She talks about mental telepathy then asks:

"Since Jesus the Christ is purported to be the 'Voice' of The Course in Miracles, my question is...

"Is this the voice of Jesus the Christ... being the one known as the Ancient of Days or previously Melchizedek... or is this 'Jesus the man, Christed, and is that the Jesus the Christ we know today?"

First let me clarify what mental telepathy is. This is the reception of actual words that form in your mind sent by an entity residing at a distance from your physical space. In Alice A. Bailey's case DK was in Tibet and Alice was in the United States. By this method the entity never coexists in the same body as the disciple and does not speak through his or her vocal chords. If there is an alteration in the voice then the method is not mental telepathy, but channeling.

Helen Schucman received A Course in Miracles through mental telepathy. Here is a description of it:

"This period of preparation culminated on the evening of October 21, 1965, when the now familiar voice of Jesus said to Helen: 'This is a course in miracles, please take notes.' She called Bill immediately, and he reassured her that she was not going mad. He suggested she write down what was being dictated to her, and that he would look at it with her early the following morning at the office. Helen did just that, which is how the scribing of A Course in Miracles began. As Helen later described the experience:

"'The Voice made no sound, but seemed to be giving me a kind of rapid, inner dictation which I took down in a shorthand notebook. The writing was never automatic. It could be interrupted at any time and later picked up again. It made obvious use of my educational background, interests and experience, but that was in matters of style rather than content. Certainly the subject matter itself was the last thing I would have expected to write about.'

"The actual process of the scribing was not difficult, and for the most part flowed rather smoothly. Helen would write down Jesus' words in shorthand notebooks, and whenever she and Bill had time during a very busy schedule, she would dictate to Bill what had been dictated to her. Bill would then type it directly from Helen's dictation, acting as transcriber. It was truly a collaborative venture between them."

One thing is certain here. Helen Schucman did not write the book using her own intelligence. Because it was given by real mental telepathy we know it was given by a high entity. The course indicates the transmitter was either Jesus or the Christ.

Now the question is: Because the transmitter was using true telepathy and identified himself as Jesus, does this mean such is the case and we should believe it without question? No, of course not. How do we find out then? Actually that is what we had been talking about before we got sidetracked - how to discover truth. I have not forgotten about this subject and we will get back to it and finish it. Then when we are done it would be interesting to apply them to the Course.

It doesn't matter if a revelation claims to be given by the highest methods from the highest god from the highest dimension - each seeker of truth has a personal responsibility to apply all the techniques at his disposal to test the words and eventually reflect then off your souls and see if they ring true.

In reflecting the teachings of the Course (ACIM) off my soul I have had numerous things verified as true. However there are teachings in the book that have not been verified. The interesting thing is that the things that are not verified to me are doctrines that most students of ACIM have completely overlooked.

For instance the book teaches that when you make the simple decision to leave this world and go home (which is the goal of the course) your body, the world around you, your friends, everything will completely disappear and the eternal unchanging world will appear before you and you will then eternally dwell there, never to be reborn.

The problem is that not even one ACIM student to my knowledge has had this happen to them. All of them are still here with us except those who naturally die and death is not what the course is referring to.

The Course also teaches that the creation of our universe with its billions of galaxies was a tremendous error and needs to be undone. On the other hand, it teaches that God is perfect, yet one way or another all creation came from Him so there seems to be a contradiction here. One may argue that the Son created the Universe and not the Father, but then the Father created the Son and if the Father and Son were perfect they would not go around making gigantic mistakes like creating universes that trap us for billions of years.

Since the book was transmitted by true telepathy this rules out an astral entity. Here are the possibilities:

(1) A Master such as Jesus or the Christ as the book states.
(2) An advanced member of the Dark Brotherhood attempting to distract us from the real purpose of creation.
(3) A Master out of harmony with the Hierarchy wanting to carve out a niche for himself.
(4) The Higher Self of Helen Schucman.
(5) An entity who has decided not to be and has never incarnated. He thinks incarnation is a great error and is trying to convince us to retrace our steps back to a static condition of "being."

Which is correct? The time for the complete answer is not yet, but contemplating and seeking the truth for yourself is a great exercise in discovery.

Hard for me to put this question, but what I am actually asking is something like does the personality 'Jesus' still exist within Jesus the Christ... thus Jesus the Christ is a combination consciousness even today?? I hope you understand what I am trying to ask?

I answered this some time ago. Even though they are one in the Body of Christ, as are all the Masters, they function as separate entities with separate missions.

The resurrection united the body and Spirit of Jesus. With such union he can still the vibration of the physical and go to the higher worlds or return the vibration and work in this one.

"So do you see the Course in Miracles as a 'telepathy' communication, or a direct visitation? And is a direct visitation by telepathy as well?"

The Course in Miracles was telepathy as I said. In a direct visitation you can shake hands with the person and feel his body just as you would your husband and you generally talk to him just as you would with a friend. If you just see a form, you are either seeing a thought form projected to you or an astral entity.

This also begs the question of the purpose of overshadowing as opposed to telepathy, and is that purpose for the performance of 'miracles' etc? Or is it to gain greater control of the channel, and thus perhaps a purer communication?

Telepathy involves a partial overshadowing, but a complete one goes far beyond that. In the latter case, the mind of the disciple and the Master are in complete harmony with the Will of God and as such the minds blend and act as one mind, greater than the sum of the parts.

Would this (science of impression) be like receiving 'frequency' transmissions that ultimately unfold within the consciousness, being revealed through the reasoning processes of the mind of the receiver? And does this usually involve, in that frequency, symbols that unfold in the mind? Although this may be the following 'inspiration'??

Impression is completely formless in its origin and does not work through symbols. Mental telepathy, the subconscious mind and astral communication can use symbols. If you can see the outer film of your aura you will see both your own thoughts as well as some external ones reduced to moving symbols and geometric forms.

The closest we can come in regular language to describe impression is the world of ideas. Receiving an impression from a higher life is like receiving an idea. The difference is that with impression a complete understanding is received whereas an idea is the tip of the complete wholeness.

Concerning the Akashic records, the true Akasha is recorded accurately just exactly as has transpired in history and if one has the spiritual contact he can accurately retrieve information. The dark brothers, or anyone else for that matter, have no power to change them.

The reflection of Akasha in the astral realm is shifting and changing all the time and the dark brothers can plant readings there to be picked up by psychics.

The true reader of Akasha is very rare. Remember when I gave the group a test? I wrote down a one digit number and had the group try and retrieve it. The number was recorded in Akasha the moment I wrote it down, yet the group made about 17 guesses before someone got it. This illustrates that no one in the Keys List at that time was a verifiable reader of Akasha.

When I speak of continuity of consciousness in receiving revelation I mean that the receiver never steps aside and lets some other consciousness control the physical brain. The disciple using this method never has a period of time that is blocked out by unconsciousness as the information is received.

This last word 'foreboding' is a great translation, because since the future was also known for the next 2000 years or so, knowing he would return, and knowing the intervening events, as even prophesized in Revelations by John the Beloved, wouldn't this foreboding have more to do with the human wondering 'would it all be worth it... would it actually be understood by mankind after the event??' The profound doubts that are traitors to us all?

The only sure future is a result of a decision made by an entity with power to bring the decision to completion. Even then the events in between the beginning and the end will not all be seen.

The Christ knew that he was coming back to teach humanity in a future age for he had decided to do so. He also knew that the kingdom of God would manifest at some future time for this is in the realm of decision by lives higher than any on this earth.

If you decide to paint a picture you do not look ahead and see every brush stroke or the mistakes you will make that must be painted out. Instead you see the end picture and work toward it. Thus Christ was not unduly bothered with details that would transpire during the next two thousand years and was not pained by them. Passing through the Dweller on the Threshold as the representative of humanity was the painful thing.

"Was Judas destined to 'play the part' of traitor, and was Joseph Smith destined to 'fail' with the molecule, and are these events already laid out in time, and completed in time, irrespective of our intended actions while here, or desire to change those destinies while here, they will occur?

This question means a lot to me, for you have stated that the 'Christ' will return irrespective of our abilities or not by a given time, as I understood it... again the PLAN will be carried out, whether we assist or not... in a sense?? Your clarification here JJ as you see it and understand it would be appreciated."

You can predict that you will be hungry in eight hours, but that does not take away your free will. In fact even inspired prophecies can be changed as illustrated by the story of Jonah which I previously related.

Jesus picked the best people he could find for the Molecule. He anticipated that he could be betrayed, but did not know that Judas would be the one to do it when he chose him. When Judas made the decision to betray his Lord, Jesus was then aware of his thoughts and saw what was coming.

Joseph Smith temporarily succeeded in creating molecules as evidenced by the miracles in the early church and especially the descent of a visible fire on the first temple. The problem is that he did not succeed in creating a continuing molecular relationship. If he made no mistakes he would have created a stronger molecular presence, but the consciousness of the people was not yet ready for the Kingdom of God.

Nevertheless, all the lights, including many that John so eloquently recounted, did not sacrifice in vain, for on an accumulative basis they have all laid the foundation for the opportunity we now enjoy.

"This I referenced in a previous post, and thank you for repeating as I wonder how the apostles could have written this if they were in a deep sleep, yet now I notice you say the Bible is channeled material, yet many of the books in the new testament were just copies of letters written etc... Do you see that these apostles were later given the pictures of what occurred, in fact could have reviewed the Akashic records to write what they wrote???"

I do not believe I said the Bible was channeled, but I did indicate that it was received in full consciousness. Even though some were letters, writers picked up on inspiration as they wrote.

The apostles went in and out of consciousness as Jesus prayed and struggled in the garden. After he woke them for the third time, just before the soldiers came for him, they noticed blood on his body. After the resurrection they had numerous opportunities to be taught by him and ask questions. At that time he clarified some of the details to them.

Is 12 the most powerful number?

It is for certain purposes, but each number combination fulfills a purpose that others cannot do. Twelve is a proven molecular number, but mankind will eventually turn into cosmic chemists and do many experiments in human molecules and make many discoveries. We have to earn this knowledge. It will not all just be given us on a silver platter, just as the light bulb was not.

So JJ are you saying here, the Dweller on the Threshold for all humanity that Jesus faced, was different to our own individual 'dweller'?? Or was it simply the same for Jesus as it would be for each of us... surely the demonstration must be equal here???

Two people undergoing the same initiation will have two very different set of experiences, but will undergo a similar struggle and rise in consciousness.

The Dweller for all humanity is a much greater force and entity than the individual dweller. The Christ did not dispel the composite Dweller, but tunneled through it with his consciousness so the beginning light which shines in the darkness began to turn on for the world.

"So could one perceive the 'Dark Ones' you speak of here, as 'psychic attacks', occurring right at the point of one's perhaps greatest achievement??"

Something like that.

"Do we each do the same thing (as Christ) then, create our link through to Shamballa, thus dissolving our own negativity, and increasing the light of the link overall, and originally established by Jesus?"

Presently it is the job of humanity as a whole with the aid of groups of disciples to strengthen the link with Shamballa. Speaking symbolically the Christ threw in the hook, but humanity as a whole must pull in the giant fish.

Our own dweller is a different matter and must be faced alone.

Could we say here, that the Dweller on the Threshold then is all our accumulated emotional reactions and guilts that we have suppressed etc, and which must be faced, understood, forgiven, released in understanding... dissolved in the light of love... the Angelic presence???"

You are on the right track here, but the most important quality in overcoming the dweller is courage and the quieting down of all fear.

Does anyone know what Lucifer was revolting over... what his complaint was that caused him to leave the kingdom of heaven???

The disagreement in that ancient time is the same as that which we now seeing playing out in the world.

We have the Beast alive and well in the world as we established in the beginning of the list. The authorities of the world seek to control our thinking (mark on the forehead) and our actions (mark on the right hand) whereas the servants of light seek greater freedom and responsibility for mankind. Communism under totalitarian regimes represents a playing out of Lucifer's ideas of control whereas the right to vote and the ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness represent the philosophy of light.

Basically it is I AM verses I AM BECOMING

Looks like John tackled your last question. I can add no more.