Thoughts on Sirius

1999-12-1 11:46:00

Thanks for your efforts with Oprah. Another good prospect is Roseanne. She seems to be looking for something. Maybe someone could run down contact information on her.

Keith makes a couple comments that warrant a response.

He says:
"I love this concept of discovering truth without the aid of 'soul contact'. Now, I know for a fact that I do not possess soul contact. I am extremely envious of everybody on the list who is in possession of this rare pearl of wisdom."

Don't write yourself off so easily. Soul contact reaches down through several reflections. Most of us have received some type of impression either directly from the soul or reflected through our mental or astral (emotional) bodies. Have you ever had a gut feeling to do or not to do a thing? Have you ever had an idea flash into your mind that just seemed right to you? Paying attention to these subtle impressions are guides that leads you to the still small voice, so still and so small (a zero point) that you will wonder if it is your imagination working overtime.

But then if you have faith in this voice and follow it eventually the voice will seem as strong as a rushing of mighty waters and you will come into the oneness principle and know that you are never alone for you always have before you an association with others of higher consciousness who are one with the Voice.

Keith continues:
"I heartily congratulate them all on a job well done! (clap clap applause applause). Now, what I would like to propose is a test for all of us dullards who do not possess soul contact. I propose that the ignorant ones try to figure out whether the 'Shroud of Turin' is the genuine article or just trash by using these other devises like 'common sense, intuition and previous known truths as measures.'"

Actually the soul speaks in the language of principles and not data. Remember the principle of principles.

"A principle can reveal thousands of facts, but it takes thousands of facts to understand one principle."

Unless a person is an adept at reading the Akashic records correctly (many read them incorrectly) even one with soul contact must use the same process of discovering the truth about the shroud as the average guy. Even if one has contact with the Brotherhood, he will not have the information handed over to him unless he first does all he can on his own to discover the truth, and even then, the revelation must fulfill some purpose, not just idle curiosity.

A lot of research has been done on the shroud and various conclusions have been reached. If one with strong soul contact were to study all the data it is possible that he could follow some guiding principles until he receives an inner confirmation of the truth. To be honest, I have not investigated it in depth for it is not a high priority on my list at present.

In another post Keith writes:

"Recently J.J. stated in one of his posts that the person holding the office of Christ will someday leave Earth and travel to the Sirius Star System. I wonder if J.J. was referring to Sirius 'A' or Sirius 'B'. I'm wondering because I have it on high authority that Sirius 'B' is not the type of neighborhood you would like to hang out in. Apparently, there are a lot of bad dudes there who probably would not welcome their new visitor with open arms. Now, Sirius 'A' is another story - a lot of good old boys hang out in that neck of the woods. ('Tongue firmly logged in check')"

First, I would like to remind you that the only good authority on matters that cannot be scientifically verified is the God within. Also a teacher who has stimulated soul contact in you numerous times should carry weight, but not an infallible weight. All other authorities are suspect.

I would guess that this person would be a trance channeler and most of their contacts are from the astral world who is no more accurate than Stephen King would be in writing about a subject.

Let us take the information we have from science and inspired writings and see what we can discern about Sirius through the application of the Principle of the Law of Correspondences. Sirius is about 8.7 light years away and is a double star. The main star (Sirius A) has twice the mass of our sun but is 30 times as bright. A planet there with physical life like us would have to be about as far away from Sirius as Jupiter is from our Sun or they would be scorched to death.
The double star (Sirius B) is a dying Sun (white dwarf) of about average mass that has 10,000 times less light than the main Sun. The two suns circle around each other over a 50 year period.

From the writings of the Brotherhood we know that they have a strong presence on this system; therefore we can assume that there would be planets there.

Now let us take what we have learned from what is readily available and see how far we can go. I could not find the distance between the two suns, but a 50 year rotation would suggest 500,000,000 miles or more. (If anyone can find this let us know). The large mass of these two suns would suggest 24 or more planetary bodies. I would guess 24 sizable planets and 26 minor making a total of 50. It would be quite possible that each sun has six planets apiece within its own orbit and then around twelve major ones making wider orbits circling around both suns.

The outer planet (the sixth) circling Sirius would have a high probability of supporting physical life as we know it. Here the temperature could be very much like earth's, perhaps even Edenic. The innermost planet circling the dying sun is the most likely to have life. They would be much closer to their sun than Mercury is to ours, yet only gently warmed by it.

The first planet circling both suns would be likely to support life, but conditions would be fierce with cold winters and hot summers lasting over 20 years each.

Now if there is life on a planet near the death star and another circling around the bright and shinning star correspondences do suggest that an enlightened race may live near the light and an old and dying race clinging to the past would live near the dying star. Those living on the planet that circles both suns would be one having a great struggle with good and evil and may be quite a bit like our earth.

The soul will confirm that these principles are true and taking us the right direction. The data I presented here may not be 100% accurate, but if one really wants to know and contemplates further on the principles involved he can receive additional verification and more and accurate knowledge will be given.

Keith, actually, has lead us to a seventh principle of discovery:

(7) Gather all the reliable information you can about a subject of interest and try and see the principles suggested by the data. Then draw conclusions and run the conclusions by your soul and see if you receive a response.

The group has given some good answers to the last question and I hope to cover it tomorrow.

We have heard of the principle "as above, so below." This is also called the Law of Correspondences. In other words, truth on one level corresponds to truth on another level, but always with subtle differences. Even one cycle of history will correspond to a past cycle.

For instance Isaiah tells us that this age we are now in will correspond to the time of Moses. The hard working honest people of today are like the Hebrews who were slaves to the Egyptians, but with one difference. The slaves in the past were sold for money (said Isaiah), but those of today go willingly into slavery for no money. Who are the Hebrews today in slavery and who corresponds to the Egyptians of the present that demand service from the slaves and even want then to make bricks with no straw? Who or where is the Pharaoh?