Attack or Non Attack?

1999-11-18 11:02:00

Zina writes:
"My concern here John Wayne, is that you have great ideals and wild words, and the opportunity to prove one's peace and good will in brotherly love might just be staring you right in the face!! Expecting everyone to think like you, well it's just an expectation and would certainly have a very boring outcome."

John may have some wild words, but I must admit they made me chuckle, but what the heck. I guess I'm just a wild and crazy guy myself.

Yes, he does have brotherly love staring him in the face, and that face is mine. I love the guy.

We're talking about two attacks here. A first attack (actually close to 100) from Saul tells us that we do not have the correct view of oneness and then a counter attack by John.

The difference in the two is that John is honest and up front about his thoughts. Saul veils his attack by convincing himself it is a non-attack, just a voice from the void that cannot be an attack because he is not really here as a separate entity. He can thus say anything he wants and not attack because with him attack is impossible. We just perceive the attack and that makes it real.

Turn about is fair play. You should not perceive anything John says as an attack because by your belief system he is one with you and only love is presenting itself. Why then even mention John's words in a negative way?

What really gets me is that you say that John expects everyone to think as he does. I have not seen John post again and again and again a correction on a singular doctrine that he feels everyone is wrong about and insists that they see such doctrine as he does. Yet Saul with your full endorsement Zina has done this.

We have admitted we believe in oneness, we believe in interconectiveness, we believe that we should see through the eyes of unity and love, but this is not enough for you and Saul. You must preach to us again and again and again that we do not see correctly and we need to be set straight.

We do see the oneness. We admit it. Why isn't that enough for you??? Do you want us to grovel and admit that we are wrong about something? Who is forcing their beliefs here? I think your mirror idea is good to bring to memory at this point.