Project Peace Part III

1999-11-14 08:06:00


The main question in people's minds will be as to how The Declaration of Peace and Goodwill will be accepted. Most will think that it sounds good, but that the leaders of the world are too stubborn to accept it. This is true. If we did nothing more than present the Plan to world leaders we may be assured that nothing would happen.

Fortunately, there is a greater power in the world than government and its leaders, and that is those people who create and support the government -common people like you and I. The average person may not be aware of it, but the general public is the most powerful force in the world. Public opinion is the master, of all world leaders. It can place them in power, but it can just as quickly remove them.

"But," says one, "That may be true in a free country, but not in a totalitarian regime."

The man who thinks thus is mistaken. Public opinion is the master in all nations among all peoples. Even Hitler, the archenemy of mankind, realized this. He knew that the only way he could stay in power and achieve his aims was to manipulate public opinion so it would be on his side. He carefully controlled all the media, political, and religious leaders with this end in view, and when he started World War II by invading Poland the Germans were convinced that they were merely defending their honor. Hitler lied to them and told them that Poland had committed the first act of aggression. If the general public had known the truth World War II would have never been because public opinion would not have allowed it.

The war in the Falklands between Britain and Argentina illustrates the power of indoctrination in molding public opinion, but more importantly, the power of public opinion over a dictatorship.

On the Argentina side, public opinion was directed in favor of repossessing the Falklands through teaching the people from their first history classes in school that the islands were a part of Argentina, and that Britain had an unlawful possession of them. Thus when the military dictator, Leopold Galtieri, ordered the invasion of the Falklands the people supported the idea of getting back that which they thought was stolen from them. Public opinion was roused further by glorious promises of victory.

After the war began the dictatorship saw that they must keep public opinion on their side so they told many lies to the people through their controlled media. If Britain would shoot down six planes they would say they lost one and if Argentina would sink one British ship they would report three. If they had to retreat because of superior British forces the dictatorship would tell the people they were consolidating forces to strike a master blow. The people were greatly deceived and supported the war up to the last moment.

Finally, the moment of truth came. The British gained the victory and it became clear as crystal to the people that they had been deceived and they felt like fools. Public opinion rose with one voice against Galtieri, a totalitarian dictator, and he was out of office in several days.

The common people are the masters of the world. History records that they are; presidents and priests obey them, and kings and dictators fear them. If the common people can bask in the light of truth there would always be progress toward peace. If the Argentines were taught the history of the Falklands in their true perspective they would not have made the first aggressive act. They may then look upon the Falklands in a similar light as the French look upon Louisiana that Napoleon illegally sold to America, or as Mexico does Texas which was lost to the U.S.

If the people are presented the truth in a way that they can understand they will generally make the right decision, and that decision, be it good or evil, is all powerful. All repressive governments could be overthrown in a day if the people so willed it. The common man must awake to the power he has so he can use it intelligently.

Another good example of this power was the resignation of Richard Nixon. He was a man with perhaps as great of an attachment to leadership and power as can be found; yet he stepped down. Why? Not because he felt guilty over Watergate, not because he was impeached, but because public opinion demanded it. He would have faced a life in chains or even risked his life to retain control if the public had supported him, but they did not. His Master spoke and he obeyed.

On the other hand, President Clinton faced a similar ordeal and was smart enough to focus all of his efforts, not on defending himself, but on manipulating public opinion in his favor. It was only because a high percentage of the public supported him that allowed him to remain in office.

Then when public opinion was directed against Ken Starr, even though he was no worse than most other prosecutors, his power to even use the law against Clinton was neutralized.

If public opinion can strip proud men of their power, and control the rise and fall of world leaders, could it not accomplish the simpler feat of influencing presidents and leaders to endorse the Declaration of Peace and Goodwill? After all, such endorsement may place them in the honor roles of history. They should be happy to follow their Master (the people) on this important item.

The one per cent property tax initiative that started in California some years ago is a good example of the constructive power of public opinion. Few of the leaders or candidates liked the idea and frowned upon it, but their Master, the people, thought otherwise and supported it.

Leaders and candidates then switched positions and decided it was good after all, and it became the law of the state because the people were enlightened and educated on the subject and THEY WILLED IT TO BE AND IT WAS SO.

Even so must the peace loving people of the entire planet combine their energies to put THE DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL in effect throughout the length and width of the Earth. Let our minds be filled with the all-consuming thought. "It can be done ... It must be done ... It will be done."


This may sound well and good to a potential Peacemaker, but he may wonder how it is that we are to arouse public opinion for the cause of peace. After all, it has never been done before on a practical level.

This is a reasonable question for we must admit that public opinion will not establish peace without some direction, for without intelligent direction we have the blind leading the blind

The first and most important step is that a definite Plan with a plausible solution be developed to present to the public. Without a definite Plan all the marching and demonstrations in the world will have little effect, for the leaders of the nations (as thoughtless as they seem at times) are intelligent enough not to pursue blind action and merely hope for the best. They also need an intelligent Plan to work with.

Such a Plan has been written - THE DECLARATION OF PEACE AND GOODWILL - and is included in this treatise for consideration.

The second stage in the implementation of the Plan is to place it before the most powerful force in the world - the people. One may think it should be first given to the heads of state but if that was all we did and let it go at that it would die on the vine. The leaders of the world (most of them) would not want to present it unless they can receive the glory of it being their plan, and if they did this their political opponents would not support them for it would make the opposing party look too good.

Nevertheless, world leaders should be presented the plan along with everyone else and endorsements on both sides of the political spectrum should be sought.

It is, however, of prime importance to present it to the people and rouse public opinion in its favor. Then when the leaders see that their Master - the people - want it, they will have to obey.

The first step in gaining the interest of the people will be to distribute this writing as far and as wide as possible. For those groups who express interest, Project Peace and Goodwill, after it is an established organization, will provide speakers. When a group of people in a certain locality show interest, they can hold meetings and study different aspects of the Plan. The groups interested can then hold fund raising drives and door-to-door campaigns to enlighten the people and get their written endorsement of the Plan. At least twenty million signatures could be acquired in the United States alone.

After the public learns about the Plan and its feasibility, and some belief in its implementation is instilled in the public consciousness, Step Three will be initiated. The people who are the masters of their fate will use their influence to get it endorsed by their City, State and finally the Federal government. They will influence their leaders with e-mails, phone calls, letters, personal contact, and the power of their vote. When the leaders see this is what the people want, then they will give it to them.

The people must merely show their leaders with one voice that they want the Plan implemented. It is as simple as that.

Project Peace and Goodwill will do what they can to coordinate the efforts of the people so they will be effectively heard. They will also use funds available for a media blitz to enlighten all people of the Plan and generate public support. Television, newspapers, radio, brochures, bumper stickers etc will all be used. This, of course, will take a good deal of money, but it can be raised. This is the type of project people will be willing to donate to as long as they know how their money is being spent. It will take millions, perhaps billions to consummate this effort, but when the army of volunteers surfaces, the needed amount will become available.