Dark Molecules

1999-10-2 20:29:00

Geoffrey, I went to your room to give you a good shake but there was a "do not disturb" sign on the door. (lol)

It is a little early to attempt healing from the New Jerusalem. I wasn't planning on introducing it until we are a bit more solidified there. Nevertheless, if we focus on the last meditation much good is a possibility.

It is not a coincidence that Glenys has come down with a strange flu just as she is getting our first Synthesis Group off the ground. This is causing her to have to cancel crucial meetings at this fragile stage. Let us redouble our efforts to send her energy in and out of the New Jerusalem and not forget the other members of the group that need healing energy.

As we progress we will see the wisdom of having the Song to enhance protection in this age. The main purpose of the Song is to protect from negative psychic energies that will be sent to discourage the workers in the Light. The second major purpose will be to neutralize the authority of the Beast so it will not be able to prevent the workers of light from working on the physical plane.

A third purpose of the Song is to gather the Lights. If a person says it continually without altering the words, this is a sign that he is capable of blending with the molecular energies.

A trickle down benefit will be the individual enhancement of greater personal peace as well as physical vitality. The Song is not a cure-all for personal problems we may have but it will indeed help.

It also does not mean that it will not be a great struggle against great obstacles to manifest the Kingdom of God. It will indeed take a Herculean effort, but the difference in this age is that it is in the plan that the work will be accomplished and not destroyed. The Song is to help insure that the negative forces are sufficiently neutralized to create success.

Fortunately, the personal benefit is great enough to motivate people of good-will to say it thus creating a group blending and a benefit for the work in totality.

Another happening that will occur in the foundation of the Molecule will be a witness to the overshadowing or Divine Possession. There was a physical witness to the presence of Christ entering the body of Jesus and that was John the Baptist at the Baptism of Christ (not to be confused with John the Beloved). Even so there will be a witness (possibly more than one) to the coming of Christ to initiate the great work. This witness will hold the Presence of the great entity who is the Christed One for a moment and then transfer it as the flight of a dove to the initiate. Without the testimony of this second witness many would have difficulty in believing that the presence of Christ is with us. I do not know who this witness is yet. It could be someone (or a couple) in this group. When the time comes the Spirit will speak to this person and he or she will know what they are supposed to do. This will also be manifest to me to make sure that the person is not deceived by his ego.

We have some questions about the dark molecule. Let me clarify several things here. First the Dark Brothers do NOT work through the soul and do not have soul contact. They only operate in the worlds of form and the highest they can attain is the plane of the mind. They see the formless worlds as pure fantasy, even though their disciples on the earth may teach the party line of the seven planes and mouth acceptance to the scriptures and inspired writings. Many of their puppets here among us are oblivious to the core beliefs of those masters that they follow.

Because the Dark Brothers cannot contact the formless worlds they do not bring down original thought from the mind of God. Instead they take that which has been retrieved by the Brotherhood of Light and corrupt it for the furtherance of their own ends.

For instance, they took the church and teachings initiated by Jesus and altered them into a beastly illusion that enslaved millions in the world of illusion.

Now that the teachings on the human Molecule are plainly presented for all to read and understand it will only be a matter of time before the Dark Brothers inspire someone to take the concept, alter it somewhat, and compete against the real thing.

The Dark version of any enlightened project is always more attractive in certain ways. For one thing, the line of least resistance is always followed and the way is much easier on the dark path.

A Good example of this is Jesus taught about a path that would lead to great reward, but would be difficult and "few would find it." The Dark Brothers injected the teaching that all you needed to do to obtain the greatest reward was to just announce that you accept Jesus. Does this not sound attractive to the one who is spiritually lazy? Just say you accept Jesus and you're saved whereas those who do not do this are condemned to hell. The Dark Ones always present an easy path to glory, which always ends in no glory and no progress.

A Dark Molecule cannot draw on the energies of the soul and Spirit, but it can combine astral and elemental energies and produce certain types of physical magic, illusion and personality enhancement of its members. They can also tap in to certain ray energies as they are released and manifest, but they use them on a lower octave than does the Brotherhood of Light.

Remember when Moses went before Pharaoh that the Dark Magicians duplicated most of the magic that Moses presented to him. Finally, Moses turned his rod into a serpent, but then so did the Dark Ones. But then to the astonishment of all, the serpent of Moses ate the serpents of the dark magicians signifying that the power of the Spirit will eventually draw the personality power into itself. Then as we become one with Spirit our personal self is merged with the higher. The magical power of the soul is real whereas the magical power of the lower self is temporary and full of illusion, similar to that of a stage magician in the long run.

Laura Asks: And. . most importantly, perhaps, are we going to be able to create our molecule before the Dark Brothers create theirs? Is this the great battle in Revelations that precedes the 1000 years of peace - a battle of molecular orders?

Any battle of Molecular orders will most likely be an internal struggle at first. There may be others who have broken off or plagiarized the teachings. The purpose of these is to distract and confuse (or divide and conquer). Fortunately, in this age, they will not permanently succeed. After the Molecules of Light are definitely established the world as a whole will be alarmed and do what they can to stop the work of light. When this time comes the true power of the Song will come into play.

And Laura, Good advice you gave to Jean. There's not much I can add except to repeat the truism that we should only trust those teachings that have been verified by the soul.

And Xavier, Franz Bardon sounds interesting. I think I'll order one of his books. He fits the teaching I present that many of the Brothers of Light were trapped by Hitler. They incarnated in Germany hoping to manifest the Kingdom of God and Hitler unexpectedly turned the tables on them. On the other hand, the defeat of Hitler has created a more sure foundation for our next move.