1999-9-22 10:37:00

My on-line service is having trouble and I can't even log on with my Mac, but I do have a dusty old Packard Bell that does get me on long enough to make a post so all is well.

There are many more correspondences to Brigham Young and Solomon. The book, Secret Places of the Lion, points out two interesting ones. Solomon built the temple "without the sound of a hammer" and Brigham also built the Mormon tabernacle without the sound of a hammer because he had no nails at the time. He also built a good portion of the Salt Lake temple without a hammer.

Lions are often mentioned in relation to Solomon and he had statues of them in the temple. Brigham was also associated with lions. His house was called the "Lion House" and the members called him the Lion of the Lord.

Brigham loved riddles and so did Solomon. If you read his writings and then read the Proverbs of Solomon in the Bible you will pick up a similar intelligence and vibration.

Keith is right. Disciples and initiates often do make mistakes, sometimes big ones as did Count Alessandro Cagliostro. One of the differences between them and ordinary humans is that they move forward into action at the risk of making mistakes. If one's heart is pure there is no need to worry. When the mistakes are revealed they will be corrected.

Saul, I have a question for you. You often speak of a world or consciousness beyond the dualities where all is one and there is no time and space. Apparently you think we should be there in consciousness even in our dual physical state.

Since you have studied the ancient wisdom you must believe in the seven planes, which are the physical/etheric, the astral, mental, intuitional, spiritual, monadic and divine. On which one of these planes does the oneness you talk about begin to exist as you have been teaching it?