Communion Through Words

1999-9-21 03:57:00


For some reason, I thought you called Moe a hero. I'm sorry I misread you and I'm glad Hitler is not a hero to you. I figured that anyone who thought that Moe was a hero would probably not rule out the possibility that Hitler was a hero and sure enough Saul and Ed see Hitler as a hero by some strange maneuvering of thought and the English language that is foreign to my thought process.

One of the problems is that we do not seem to be using any standard dictionary definition of words.

Let me make a declaration for this list.

Hear yea hear yea.

From now on we use regular orthodox earthly definitions of words (unless otherwise specified) so we can maintain a semblance of communication.

Red means red not esoteric blue. Up means up, not sideways in another dimension or standing still in an ultimate reality. Planet means planet, not dried out sun. Good and evil means something going on now as humanity understands it, not a vision from an ultimate reality that we no nothing about.

Here's what my computer dictionary says about hero in the context I used it:

"A person noted for feats of courage or nobility of purpose, especially one who has risked or sacrificed his or her life."

Now Moe does not fit this dictionary definition and Hitler certainly does not and to maintain that Hitler is a hero either takes extreme sophistry or an attitude that is looking for strong argument and polarization in the dualities.