Follow The Highest

1999-9-19 22:12:00

Thank you, Rick, for calling us back to our purpose. I need a reminder now and then myself. Just as we go off the beaten path and get some addictions, some are a waste and others useful, so it is with this list.

I am preparing the next chapter of the Molecular Relationship. It is taking extra time because of the graphics, but I think it'll be worth the wait.

Meanwhile, you posted some interesting quotes from Ouspensky, who was a great thinker.

As you know, I posted my own writings on the origin of Oneness in the first chapter of the Molecular Relationship. Here I stated that all the worlds are created by an illusionary principle from the aspect of Purpose. Purpose does not flow. We in duality can flow toward it in consciousness but it cannot flow toward us because it is already here in us, thus there is no flow from the highest to the lowest. There is only the illusion of flow from us to It.

The trouble is many of these ephemeral teachings on a world beyond duality where we are supposed to go to is that no one can explain it. We often make the same mistake as the religionists who paint a picture of God, the Trinity, and the purpose of God as so far beyond our understanding there is no sense in trying to understand. Thus they do not advance in knowledge. The key for all of us is to follow the "highest that we know," not the highest that we do not know.

For instance, how can two points exist as Saul says and have a flow between then, yet have no space between them? This is beyond our understanding, but we are supposed to accept it. Why accept that which you do not understand? Even in order to have two points or two of anything there has to be the illusion of two. Thus there is no such thing as two of anything without creation through the principle of illusion.

But just as in a dream the events are real when you are going through them and you would much rather have good dreams than bad, even so in this higher version of a dream we should seek to have good dreams and make the best of them until we wake up. Then when we wake to a greater dream still we can savor the experience we had in this dream

The present is all we have whether we are dreaming or not so why try and pull the plug on making the dream a great experience in becoming. Would we rather be a stagnate Moe or a Robust Phil or Richard?

Mark (a welcome addition) posted the following:

NEWSFLASH (Yosemite, CA). Visitors to Yosemite have recently reported catching glimpses of a mysterious hermit who disappears as suddenly as he appears. Eyewitnesses claim that he appears to be dressed in bear-skins. There have also been reports of strange sounds that accompany the mystery man's appearance. Linguists that have been called in to examine the sounds state that they are definitely foreign-sounding and the closest they can be rendered in English is, "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk."

Obviously Mark realized this guy was Curley from the parable. (lol)