The Molecular Order

1999-8-21 09:01:00

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 20 (Part 1)



All relationships in this universe are progressing toward relative perfection. All relationships in the universes below this one (within the subatomic particles) have achieved this perfection. As the intelligence of God progresses to larger more complicated forms this perfection becomes more difficult. Nevertheless, this Intelligence eventually solves all problems and perfects all forms.

As the Intelligence of God created and recreated quarks, protons, electrons, atoms and molecules in this universe relative perfection was eventually achieved.

As this great Intelligence progressed and created living cells from the molecules It put It's Attention on the perfection of those cells so they could reflect, multiply and evolve until their great purpose would be fulfilled.

The Intelligence of God oversaw the evolution until the midway point of progression in this universe was achieved. This was reached by the creation of the human kingdom. As the human kingdom became manifest the Attention of God shifted from the lower kingdoms to mankind and this great Intelligence rested upon humanity, making him the present point of focused attention. As the Attention of God now rests upon human beings throughout this universe man has the distinction of being the only physical conscious creators in the present universal existence.

The Intelligence that has created the great and complicated forms within the atoms, molecules and cells has now gifted that Intelligence to mankind.

Therefore, the first great purpose of man is to discover and use the intelligence behind the great forms that have already been completed in the microcosm and apply that knowledge to the macrocosm. Then after man has organized human forms with similar intelligence to the

atomic molecular forms and cells, he will then move to the next great stage of evolution and increase the complexity and beauty of form to a perfection that has never been achieved since the beginning of time in any kingdom that has ever existed.

We will do more than repeat what has been done before; instead we will create "all things new."

That is the first great purpose of the destiny of mankind.

The next great purpose will be to solve a problem that scientists have discovered within our universe.

It appears to scientists that the universe is expanding and that there is not enough gravitational pull to stop this expansion. Therefore they believe the universe will merely expand, dissipate and die after a period of ages.

Lo, such scientists are looking for the wrong solution for the salvation of our universe. The answer to this lies not in gravitational pull, but in the Intelligence of God as it manifests through mankind.

The one unpredictable force that we know exists within creation is the human kingdom and these little humans living on an unlimited number of worlds will unite in Intelligence in ages hence and move planets, stars and galaxies out of their orbits and draw the orbs back from their mindless expansion. These lowly humans billions of years hence will seem like Gods directing the great systems toward more intelligent and useful forms that create life on larger scales than has ever been imagined by the highest avatar.

Imagine having the power to move a moon of Jupiter, like Europa, around the orbit of the earth as a preparation for the extension of human life!

Imagine having the power to move the star system of Alpha Centauri into our solar system creating a double star and much easier access to its planets so we can transform its primitive life into a garden of Eden.

Then imagine moving twelve star systems into one central location allowing the various inhabitants much greater access and communion on the physical level.

And yet this is only the beginning of that which the great Intelligence of God has in store for us.

Verily, here is a principle never before revealed to man in clarity. Human beings are the soul of the universe. Just as you have soul within your physical body that creates and gives you form, even so man is the soul energy within the great body of the universe and has a destiny to create the great body of God on a universal scale.

Macrocosmic creation is a great way off in time. Yet every great journey, whether it be in time or space, is composed of steps which must be taken in present time.

The next great step for mankind is to duplicate among the human kingdom that which has already been accomplished in the lower kingdoms of molecules and atoms.

This coming evolution among humanity is the Molecular Relationship. It is called such because it is most obviously observed in the atomic unions in the Molecules themselves, and now we must rediscover from the memory of God the principles that we will transpose from the lower to the higher kingdoms.