Light and Love and Power

1999-8-20 09:40:00

I hope my last chapter on birth control did not put you to sleep. The next chapters should wake you up as we go deeper into the organization of the Molecular Relationship.

And Rick - we will do one very important thing in our meditations, that we cannot yet do in the physical, and that is meet and work together as a group. We can also produce certain effects from the higher realms that we cannot do from this plane.

Lorraine asks:

"Basically my question is about the non-romantic partners. If I chose a non-romantic partner then aren't I short changing myself? I can't get the full benefits of a full union on all levels, can I? Just how much energy is shared between those two? And if I do settle for this then a possibility of a full union comes do I leave my non-romantic partner for the new one leaving him alone and unstable? I see the possibility for a lot of connection and some de-connecting that would really hurt. I wonder if this is accurate."

Your working partner will not normally be one with whom you share romantic energy, even though in some cases the couple may go in that direction. It will be similar to a couple working together in the workplace which is a common occurrence. Many males and females work together as friends and never get interested in a romantic level, but then there are those who do.

This will be a similar correspondence in the working partner relationship. Just as in the workplace you can usually shift to a new partner without hurt romantic feelings even so this can happen in the Molecular Relationship.

There is one main advantage of the working partner over the workplace and that is you make the choice as to who your partner will be. Therefore, you should have a lot in common.

Also you will not be stuck with your working partner for any long length of time. You are free to change at any time a replacement is available.

The first molecules must always have twelve male/female units in it. In addition to this, as the numbers expand, there will also be associate members who are linked to the growing molecule. Some of these people will have working partners and some will not. Then when 12 more male/female units become available another molecule will be created.

John, I smiled at your posting. Yes, at first it may seem that the females are flying while us men creep along in cars, bikes and skates with this meditation. We need to start out with our natural talents and each one of us will gravitate toward either visualization or imagination as our strong point. Then as we progress we will all attain more balance and blend the two in acts of spiritual creation that can distil creation down to the physical plane.

Those who are anxious may want me to go faster in this meditation and others will want me to go slower so I believe we are reaching a happy medium here. In this type of work it is better to go too slow rather than too quickly.

Our last segment ended with:

"On the other side are at least twenty four others doing this same meditation - twelve male and twelve female. (This count includes you) Some of these twenty-four may be doing the meditation a little in the future; but nevertheless, you sense at least twenty four, but more is OK.

As you begin to sense the presence of these people the wall fades away and you walk toward them and join then in an unbroken circle."

Now let us continue:

The circle alternates with male/female; male/female. Next to you is your partner. It could be your partner you sensed on the other side of the wall or it could be a working partner. It does not matter for there is total acceptance and spiritual love throughout the group.

You sense a spiritual equality throughout the group for the spiritual energy circulates freely among us all.

Now as a group we say the first verse of the Song of the 144,000. When we say the sentence "...and wherever we will the light to descend," the group then wills light to descend in the middle of the circle. As you exercise your will to manifest light you sense the combined will of the group joining into a will of great power and you see a visible expanding circle of light manifesting in the center.

As you witness this light expanding the group says the second verse. As the words, "...and wherever we will the Love to be enflamed," are said you see within the growing light the image of Christ beginning to manifest with greater and greater clarity. You sense within Him a power of Light and Love that we can only wish for upon the physical plane.

Next we say:
"We thank you Father that you are in us and we are in you."

Suddenly, you are no longer in the circle, but you are in the middle. Your consciousness is within the form of Christ itself and you realize that oneness with God is much more than a figure of speech. You sense an ecstasy looking through the eyes of Christ and feeling the fire of Love in His heart that you never before dreamed possible.

As the group centers in the midway point and adjusts to the energy, we say:

"That through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of Power:

That Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven."

Now that you are in this heightened state contemplate on what this verse of the song means.

If you send forth the Will of God then you must be one with God and His Will is passing through you. Can you sense what the Will and Power of God feels like as you are One with Christ? Can you sense the Purpose of God - that it is more than a goal of some kind, but as aspect that must be revealed through your oneness?

Can you sense that you are close to the Purpose of God when you send forth the Will of God on the wings of His Power?

To be continued.