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2010-3-25 14:23:00


March 4, 2010 -- Post #1


(The following is in response to complaint of government workers affected by budget cuts.)

Last I heard there are more than 33,000 voters and taxpayers living in Idaho. The 33,000 shouldn't have the power to tell the rest of us how much their benefits are going to be -- thanks to our tax money.

Right now all states are having budget shortfalls and cuts are required. Whenever you hear about belt tightening or a cut made anywhere there is a great negative reaction from people who think they are unjustly singled out.

The bottom line is that (unlike Federal) a balanced budget is in our constitution and the governor cannot just print up money during a shortfall.

If you do not like a cut then make suggestions as to where other cuts can be made. As it is, our legislators are in a "Catch-22" and will be attacked wherever they exercise fiscal restraint.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #2


"Notice joesph732 [JJ] and 'ZERO' -- (whipit + on + ya = 0) have quit defending her (Silsby) too. I think I see a pattern."


I've been standing up for fairness rather than defending her. I do not believe in kicking someone when they are down. If she has committed crimes or offenses then she should be held responsible. A lot of this bunch has condemned her for every crime possible that their imagination can conjure up.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #3


"Your Medicare comes from the taxpayers. Until you absolutely refuse to accept it, you are being a hypocrite."


I'm tired of you repeating this baseless accusation. Either back it up with logic or quit embarrassing yourself.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #4


"Anyone else notice the contradiction between avatars that Joe [JJ] and I use: like Joe is out in space while I am standing on the ground."


Or perhaps my imagination soars and yours is in the dirt.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #5


"Your Medicare hypocrisy is only one example that has been pointed out to you, time and again. Your hypocritical nature is part of the reason it is so hard for you to see. The fact that you 'believe in' hypocrisy does not make it anything else nor acceptable behavior to most people."


Your problem is that you continue with this incessant and false name calling which violates Statesman rules and you cannot even come up either one feeble example to back yourself up.

Now obey the rules or I'll start flagging you.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #6


"Oh! Well that explains alot. It's your wife's fault (I was enrolled in Medicare). LOL."


I don't fault my wife at all -- bless her heart -- I hate paperwork. And I expect an apology from "Badnana" for calling me deceptive when I was telling the truth.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #7


"Facts are irrelevant to him. Plus he cannot deal with facts all too well."


As usual you are incorrect.

My facts were right and "Badnana" called me deceptive in error. At the time of the comment I was on private insurance and not Medicare. Why do you even attack me when the truth has been clarified and the poster revealed to be in error?


March 4, 2010 -- Post #8


As usual you are incorrect.

For some reason this post which breaks no rules disappeared. Here it is again:

"Poobah" has accused me of being a hypocrite for about the twentieth time so I thought I'd make a few comments that maybe even he can comprehend.

First, here are two definitions from the Merriam-Webster online dictionary:

"1: a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion.
"2: a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings.


Definition One:  I am not religious and do not recall putting myself forward as some virtuous individual except for living life to the highest I know.

Definition Two:  I always act according to what I believe and no one including you has been able to come up with anything that proves otherwise.

Some say I am a hypocrite because I enrolled in Medicare when I think it is a wasteful system.

If I am forced to buy something wasteful it would be dumb to throw it away if it has any value at all. I do not believe in just throwing anything useful or practical away, but in using and salvaging what I can. Most people think this way, so there is nothing unusual in such an approach on either side of the aisle. I do not believe in paying for something and not using it, if using it is practical.

On the contrary, it would be hypocritical of me to not use Medicare at this time because it would go contrary to my belief of making the best of a bad situation.

Please refer to this answer if the question comes up again in your mind instead of mindlessly lashing out.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #9


"Your premise is no different from your conclusion. This is the very definition of circular reasoning. Therefore, 'Poobah' is correct."


You are the true example of being circular. "You are wrong" over and over is not much of an argument.


March 4, 2010 -- Post #10


"Flag me for what? I have not called you any names nor have done anything but point to some fallacies in your arguments. The fact that you are angry and frustrated merely points to you. The fact that you neither address a question nor provide defense for your position again, points to you. Flag me all you want, I'm (in a manner) flagging you right now."


Here are the rules written by the Statesman:

"Don't insult one another or the subjects of our articles. Do not attack other users; focus your comments on issues, not individuals."

Calling me a hypocrite over and over without cause flagrantly violates these rules -- and even if you think you have cause it still does and takes away from the debate. Talking about my panties in a knot is also not in harmony with the rules either.

Why don't you take a deep breath and focus and see if you can argue the actual issues without insults and name calling.



"And yet, even though you have looked up the definition, you can still overlook the symptom in yourself. Not convincing as to your argument of superior intelligence nor the one of non-hypocrisy."


Again -- no reasoning -- just accusations. How about moving on to intelligent discussion of the issues?



"It is only you who is saying otherwise. The majority here agrees you are completely hypocritical. We have invited you to walk your talk of picking low hanging fruit for health care."


You're always accusing me of reading minds as if that is a great sin. Now you're doing it. What does that make you?



"I have made no claim about reading the minds of others.

"I am simply reading the posts and recommendations which are available to all reading the contributions made on this forum. Since you are having difficulties, try this site for improving your reading...."


The majority here probably disagree with me because the majority is from the Left. But I do not think the majority think I am a hypocrite. To make such a statement as you did implies mind reading on your part, and wishful mind reading at that.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #1


"Forever Red: Eliminate public television, reduce educational funding, keep Idahoans dumb and voting Republican."


Well, Larry if the Left are dependent on Public Television for their intelligence then the demise of their party is sure and the smarter Republicans will beat their socks off in 2010 and 2012.

Listen, oh listen to the words of your guru, oh Lefties -- none other than Michael Moore:

"'These Democrats are a bunch of wusses. They don't have the courage of their convictions. They won't stand and fight.'

"'You really have to admire the Republicans on some level, because they stand up for what they believe in,' he said. 'They come into town, and when they win, oh they win. They come in with guns blazing.'"



March 5, 2010 -- Post #2


I think Paul Hamilton is correct indeed. The unemployed are a huge force and highly motivated. There are a lot of Obama voters that see their error as evidenced by his sinking poll numbers. I've been down and out before and to see all our effort spent in directions that do not bring jobs is disheartening indeed.

If you need to feed and house your family you're not thinking of health care or cap and tax, but of a job and survival.

The old saying "first things first" caries a lot of truth.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #3


"Here's another cut the crap suggestion for you Right Wingers.

"Your democrat=liberal=socialist=marxist=communist diatribe has worn out."


I wish it were worn out. The trouble is, it is alive and well and changing America -- and not for the better.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #4


"I am serious, very serious. I don't know if you are a joke but the things you say are a joke. I am giving you some of your own medicine. Don't think for a minute I am not serious and worry about this country and the Right Wing is one of the biggest offenders as in obstructionism."


Yeah, the things you worry about is the Republicans saving the country's economy by pushing us back to responsible spending. What a thing to have as a main worry.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #5


"Sarah Palin is the real joke."


Actually Palin is pretty funny. Did you see her on Leno? At least she is harmless. Obama is like a comic telling bad jokes to the band playing on the sinking Titanic.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #6


"So, you think featuring Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter and the likes would improve public T.V.?"


Would be a big improvement and ratings would soar.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #7


"Morning 'Run.'

"'Ole Proton' just needs to take a laxative and clean out that fuzzy little head of his. He will feel much better. He and his ilk surprise me every day by their fuzzy little memories of how we got here to begin with. I have long felt their comments are traitor filled."


You are insulting even more than normal. How about talking the issues using facts, logic, reasoning, etc.? Or have you acquiesced this entirely to the Right?


March 5, 2010 -- Post #8


"Yes, because we have seen the crackpot liberals at Ruby Ridge."



Crackpot liberals ordered the attack on Weaver that killed his family and dog. Weaver was acquitted and the crazy liberals were blamed.

"Waco -- Crazy liberals Clinton and Reno attacked the socialist compound in Waco and killed 76 men, women and children, most by burning them to death."

"Not to mention the crackpot liberals shouting down legislators at town hall meetings."

You mean the crazy liberal Democrats who disrupted town halls with the Obama/Hitler signs?


The media tried to hide the fact that these crazies were Democrats.

"And that crackpot liberal who yelled the president is a liar."

Actually Joe told the truth because Obama is planning on giving the present illegal aliens health insurance by making them legal.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #9


"I used to think her (Palin) harmless but she is the reincarnation of Helen Chenoweth, one we elected to Congress in this state. Now I AM afraid of her, as she could easily be elected in this state."


Helen Chenoweth and Sarah Palin -- two great Americans. If you hate them you would loath the Founding Fathers if you had lived back then.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #10


"I may regret asking this, but I am genuinely curious. What makes these two 'great Americans'? To me they fall into the category of mediocre politicians. They have gotten lots of press, they have plenty of supporters, but I'm not so sure any of this qualifies them as great Americans."


Both of them are willing to face demonization in the press and incessant attack to promote common sense and fiscal responsibility. If we do not restore fiscal responsibility you can forget about good health care or even getting a decent meal. Freedom itself will be at risk.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #11


"So by your definition, would you consider Bill Clinton a great American?"


Relative to the current bunch he would be but he did a number of things that endangered us. He gutted the military which helped fiscally but endangered freedom. Bush had to build it back up and when this happens huge sums are lost. He also pushed for a health care plan we couldn't afford that was very costly but fortunately it was defeated. Most of his fiscal praise comes from the period of Republican domination of Congress which controlled the budget.

But even with these faults he looks like Benjamin Franklin in relation to Obama.

Let me add that in considering who are great Americans that the number one issue would be the fight to preserve our freedoms and liberties to which we are Constitutionally entitled.

Common sense with fiscal responsibilities would be number two for if we overspend and are overtaxed our freedom is put at risk.

Palin and Chenoweth score high in both categories.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #12


"And both are ( were) dumb as rocks. This is fact. It is not hatred that inspires me to say so."


It seems to be a pattern that the Left just tries to stereotype everyone they disagree with as "dumb" rather than make any intellectual argument. I find this to be a very lazy and mean spirited approach. Palin and Chenoweth were both highly intelligent women.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #13


"This isn't a trait that is held just by the Left. Just on here alone anyone who disagrees with someone on the right is a socialist or a 'Lefty'."


Whereas neither Palin or Chenoweth would attach themselves to the label of being "dumb" the Left admits that they are far left to most Republicans. They will also admit they support many socialist ideas such as universal health care and want to implement them by force. It does not insult Republicans to say they are on the right because that's where they are. It is not an insult call people a name that they identify with, but who wants to be called dumb? No one. If a person on the right sees something dumb they will usually identify the dumb action instead of just throwing insults.

If one calls Palin dumb then he will have to call Joe Biden dumber since she beat him in the debate. Then she may wind up debating Obama in 2012 and when she beats him voters will have to admit he is dumber still by the Left's reasoning.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #14


"You've missed my point. Just because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a lefty."


I've never said this. But if someone is taking an acknowledged position from the Left then I will identify them as coming from the Left which is a factually accurate thing to do. Can you recall one time I have been wrong on this?



"But it is easier to label than to actually argue facts."


I never argue by merely identifying someone as wrong just because he is on the Left, but do use facts, reasoning, sometimes opinion. There's not many facts and logic used against me.



"Nor would she ever win a debate against Pres. Obama. Your lack of objectivity is astounding. As I said, Sarah is not dumb, but as a politician she lacks very basic knowledge."


Knowledge is easily obtained and has little to do with intelligence. Sarah has beefed up on facts and is now ready to take on any Lefty including Obama.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #15


"According to the experts that judged the debate, she did better than was expected, but didn't come close to winning.


"'Story Highlights:

"'Fifty-one percent of debate watchers say Biden did best job, CNN poll....'"


Yeah, and if a Fox poll said she won you would believe it, right? I saw the debate and I say she won -- so there.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #16


"You mean that stereotyping is bad if other people do it but you are free from that constraint yourself. This is hypocrisy.

"Your own words (in which you stereotype the 'Left'): 'It seems to be a pattern that the Left just tries to stereotype everyone they disagree with as "dumb'...."


No, that's not what I mean. You need to actually read my posts, or have someone read them to you.


March 5, 2010 -- Post #17


"Everyone here has read your posts and the vast majority would agree that you present yourself as an ego-maniacal hypocrite. Change your presentation or accept the way you look and expect to be called on it. Of course we expect nothing rational in return. Good day!"


And from the charm you display here I'm sure the majority of your "friends" run for cover or excuse themselves whenever you show up.