The Aura

2010-3-4 00:35:00

Alex wrote:

"Some time ago I tried to see my aura in the mirror using a technique from:

"It was as I understand similar to what you were doing. I thought the idea was to suppress direct image of my face (reflection) by retina saturation caused by staring not blinking and not deviating viewpoint, something like what happens during a solar eclipse. Then the stuff around the contour of the face will be emphasized.

"I could not get 'consistent' results.

"Might try again."



Yes, you must get consistent results if you are to believe you are on the right track. I couldn't find a method at the site you mentioned, but I'll add a couple things that may be helpful.

If you want to see auras there are a couple steps to take:

First practice seeing the etheric body. Practice seeing the film which extends about a millimeter or two from the body. Do not look at the flesh itself but the empty space just beyond your fingers or other parts of your body.

Once you get that down so it's easy to see concentrate on seeing light that extends a little further out. You won't see much color here except a visual of light of some kind.

Once you get that down then you get to the hard part which is much more difficult, the aura itself. Seeing this requites dedication and practice.

It is helpful that all these extra sensory lights are reflected in a mirror just as regular physical light is. You can therefore practice by looking for it on your own head in a mirror. The most visible light on your body is just above your head. If you are depressed and have a dark cloud over your head, this is actually the easiest thing to see. If you know anyone depressed or in a bad mood practice looking just above their head for dark colors.

For regular practice look in a mirror not at yourself but the space a couple inches above your head. You'll be tempted to move your gaze back to your head, but continue looking at the same space. Do this for a few minutes every time you go to the mirror and eventually the time will come that you will see the auric light. When you see it you will know it is not your imagination or some retinal effect because it is very bright and fluorescent in color. When you first see it you will want to put attention on it. As soon as you do this it will disappear. What you have to do is practice the art of "not seeing."

In other words, as soon as you see it act mentally as if you are not seeing it and couldn't care less if you see it -- and let nothing change in your state of mind. If you do this the colors will remain for your vision.