Etheric Light

2010-3-4 03:03:00

In response to the article entitled where JJ teaches how people can learn to see auras, Alex writes:

"The same 'film' can be seen if the thumbs are replaced by any objects, colour of which is different from the background. If say instead the thumbs I use two markers (fibre pens), I can see similar film around them too. One does not have to pull the thumbs apart, it is enough to quickly withdraw / remove them altogether. The blue imprints will be clearly seen. (I do not think it is Kirlian effect either.)

"Colours of the film depends on the colour of the objects. In fact it is complementary colour. If the objects are of yellow or fleshy colour, the film will be blue (white background). If the objects are blue, the film will be reddish.

"I explain it by a well known effect of retina saturating when overexposed without eye blinking and without viewpoint wandering. Sensitivity to the wavelengths of exposure is reduced. Thus if an object is yellow (finger) then sensitivity to yellow (which is red+green) is reduced. Once the object (finger) is removed, white balance becomes offset, with blue component greater than red and green. Thus we see blue film. After half a minute the retina will restore its white balance, and the film will become fainter until completely disappears.

"So the colour of the film is always complementary to the colour of the object. If an object is black, the film will be the same as background but brighter. As a result of these experiments I am not convinced I see any ethereal body or something. Please could you suggest some experiment which will not create any visible 'film' around non-organic dead objects and will generate 'films' around living matter."



Good questions Alex and welcome to the group. I have known Alex for some time as he is the manager of another list of which I am a member. I think you'll find the group here is composed of intelligent and tolerant people overall. Hope you enjoy your stay.

I'm aware that you do not have to pull your thumbs apart to see the film, but this makes it easier for first time viewers. I know a lot of what I see is not explained by the standard idea retina saturation as I see a lot of things that could have nothing to do with this. On the other hand, all light which is registered by the brain (including etheric and auric) produces an afterimage on the retina.

I just looked at the space between my thumbs, and as I pulled them apart I saw not only the film, but an interplay of light between the thumbs.

You are right that all matter has this film and that is because etheric matter is everywhere and gives form to the physical.

I just picked up a black flash drive and easily saw the etheric film as well as an energy field extending about a half inch because this is an object I use regularly.

Then I picked up a yellow ruler I rarely use and noticed that the [etheric] film was very thin because it hasn't had much living contact. I held it a while and saw that the energy around it started to increase until soon it had a similar energy and color as the black flash drive.

Inorganic objects also emit auric colors. If they have been used regularly by humans they take on colors influenced by us.

I'll give you an example.

When I first stated seeing auras I was looking at the extra sensory colors in everything and noticed that our clothes carried the colors of our aura even when we were not wearing them. Now keep in mind that the auras are more difficult to see and extend about a foot or less from the object or body.

One day I was in the bathroom studying my own aura in the mirror when I saw a light to the side of me. I turned and noticed that my wife had a sweater hanging up and a very bright orange auric light was emanating from it. This perplexed me because I had never seen that color in my wife's aura so I asked her where she got the sweater and when.

She said she picked it up the other day from a thrift store. Then I knew I was seeing the aura of the previous owner. I expected that the sweater would soon take on my wife's aura after she wore it a while.

This is why some sensitive people do not like used clothes because they do not like picking up the energy of the previous owners.

Now as far as the etheric film goes, if it was merely the cause of standard retinal retention then the effect should be the same all the time, but it is not. The greater vitality the more extended from the physical surface will be the "film" and it varies considerably from one person to another.

Here is an experiment one can do who is not sensitive enough to see auras.

Have a person who is healthy and vibrant stand in front of a white wall and stare at their forehead for about two minutes. Then have them move away and continue staring. While it is true you will have a retinal retention it is also true that part of the light you are registering in your retina is the etheric light and sometimes part of the auric light.

Take a look at the image and you will see the image of their head and within it an interesting combination of patterns.

Then wait until the person comes down with a cold and is feeling miserable and do the experiment again. This time instead of just seeing gradations of light you will see dark blotches in several parts of their head. It will look a lot different from the time you looked at them when they were feeling well.

In both instances the physical colors would be the same, but the after images from the etheric body will be significantly different. This would not be the case if the image was merely caused from the viewing of physical colors.

Hope this helps. You are welcome to ask more questions.