Gathering 2005 -- Sun Valley, Part 47

2010-2-16 04:35:00

JJ:  I noticed it a couple years ago, and if you pay attention you will see what I am talking about. Businesses put their name forward almost as if they were a holy institution and I haven't noticed it so much lately but for a period of time it seemed to go through that cycle. Anyway it took a long time for that to sink into my head about honing my skills in business and many do not let this sink at all and they have to wait for another lifetime to take the next step.

In the East among many of the teachers in Hindu and Buddhists believe that the seeker should take care of his home and family and learn the practical ways of life before he even becomes a teacher and that seemed to be a lesson that I had to learn in this life and I really resisted learning it. When I resisted learning this lesson I felt a vibration in the soul that I think I was a state of denial because I thought that maybe this applies to something else or why was I getting this negative vibration.

Now I can understand why and it was because I was not following the direction and taking the step that I was supposed to be taking. We might be a lot farther ahead if I had taken this step earlier but I finally went into the step, kicking and screaming and I took the step and when I did this I felt the wind was now at my back. I still was not good at it but I have learned much over the past 18 years or so since I made this decision. I was little bit in ignorance though because I kept looking back and saying that my soul was trying to guide me and I was ignoring it because I did not want to do it. So when I finally decided, the direction that my soul was leading me it became so clear, but it was not clear at the time because I was resisting and I did not want to do it.

I had a good reason for not wanting to concentrate on the practical side of life. I wanted to do the spiritual work and I find that many spiritual people have the same problem that I have had. Many of them are almost starving to death because they want to do the spiritual work but they cannot do either one. They cannot do the spiritual work and they can hardly feed themselves because they are not balancing off God and mammon so to speak. It says that you can't serve God and mammon but there is a way of balance between the two. Especially as we enter into this new age which is a lot different than the Piscean age. God and mammon are merging so we will see a spiritual purpose in mammon as well as the true spiritual work.

There is a saying that says, "All things are spiritual when seen through the right eyes and seen through the right purpose." Money is not evil; money can be a spiritual power, and The Bible says that the desire for money is the root of evil, not money itself. Money is a neutral energy; it is like the gasoline that powers a car, this is a neutral energy, you can drive to a spiritual meeting or you can drive over a cliff with your car. The energy that powers your car is neither good nor evil and it depends on the direction that you are driving your car. Money is the same way, it neither good nor evil and depends on the direction that it is being taken.

Getting back to the original point what the person must do is to take the next step and sometimes that first step is the hardest step of all and it may take 20, 30, 40, 50 years before it finally dawns on you to take the step that your soul is leading you to and realize that your soul seems to know something that you don't. You say to yourself, I have to take this step, so you take this step and then the next step is easier and then the next step is easier still and so on.

Once you start moving up the ladder then you can go in geometrical progression and then the progression becomes faster and easier.

So everything is really cause and effect.

There is cause and there is effect and a lot of philosophies want to teach us that we can neutralize cause and effect, but cause and effect cannot be neutralized -- it will always be there.

There are people who say God is a causeless being. If He is a causeless being, then how did He cause the universe to be created? The universe was created by cause.

Another mystery is, is if God is a causeless cause, and for every cause there is an effect, how can they call God the First Cause? As if there is a first cause then there is a last cause; because, if there is a beginning then there is an end. No, there is no first cause and there is no last cause. Cause and effect just is. It just exists and there has always been cause and effect and always will be. It is an eternal thing.

Our job is to move up the ladder of progression. The first step in progression for a disciple is to master the physical self so it is no longer a hindrance to your physical progression. This why commandments have been given that center around sexual energy and things of this nature that a lot of people today think is antiquated. Basically if you should marry someone you should honor your commitment to them and part of honoring your commitment to them is mastering the energies on the physical plane. By mastering the energies on the physical plane we are taking the first step in our physical progression. The basic things like in the Ten Commandments; thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not bear false witness, and these basic elements of the religions are to help us to master the physical plane.

Then the next plane to master is the emotional plane where we master our feelings. It is not wrong to get angry for instance but it is wrong to use your anger that is destructive for another person. This is one of the greatest illusions among the use of emotions. We have negative emotions and we have positive emotions and both of these emotions are necessary. People think that anger, jealousy, envy, and all negative emotions are bad and what we should do is eliminate them. But if you are a human being than you cannot eliminate them completely.

If you are in love with somebody and there is a threat to your relationship because of a third party coming in then there is going to be some jealousy there and there is really nothing you can do about it, it is just there. What you do is you handle it in the most positive way possible. What produces long lasting negativity is when a person who thinks he is enlightened and he feels these negative emotions and then begin to deny them.

Here is how the thought process works: "He thinks, well I am a fairly evolved person and therefore I should not feel anger and since I am evolved and I shouldn't feel anger it must mean I do not feel angry." So when he feels angry he convinces himself that he is not angry that he is beyond anger.

Now what this does to the guy is that he will keep it bottled up and he will eventually reach the point where he will explode. We hear about these guys doing really crazy things and the neighbors will say, he was such a nice guy and he never got angry about anything.

He was in a state of denial and he reached a certain point to where the emotion built up and he could no longer deny it and he exploded and goes and shoots everybody in the post office or whatever. Almost every time one of these guys do this you will hear people say that they would have never dreamed that this guy was capable of causing this much destruction and pain. He was always so quiet and nice, but he was denying his emotions.