Gathering 2005 Sun Valley, Part 34

2009-12-31 02:55:00

Healing Session - Cont'd


JJ:  (Laughs) Yeah. Okay, we're going to have a healing circle. Where you been, Curtis? We've been waiting for you.

Curtis:  "Here I am."


JJ:  Well come on up here and say hello to everybody.

Audience:  "JJ, would you repeat what you said about sinus symptoms?"

Audience:  "Sinus problems. Congestion."


JJ:  Yeah, just a minute. This is my nephew Curtis. I've talked about him several times. He's the one I was talking about yesterday, that I was looking for somebody to share what I had with. Then he moved close by and I told him a few things.

Curtis:  "Yeah. There I was, happily a member of the Mormon Church (laughs), went on a mission, married in the temple. My life was going just fine."

Wayne:  (Inaudible).

Curtis:  "(laughs) Hey, Wayne! But I was always looking for more. It was like, 'I've been this far, now what's next?' I gave a talk in church one Sunday, and Joe said, 'You know what? You might just be ready.' And Joe is my polar opposite. He's Aquarius, I'm Leo. He's nine years my senior, so he had a big head start on me. So he started teaching out of Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East and The Aquarian Gospel and some Alice Bailey. But he never used the 'R' word. Because, you know, that's what got me excommunicated -- using the 'R' word: Reincarnation.

"So one day, Joe came over and we'd had, oh gosh, probably a year's worth of teaching and I'll tell you what, I'd been on a mission but I'd never been as excited spiritually as I was when I started getting some deeper doctrine from Joe.

"Well, I guess you call him JJ now. So one day he came in and he said, 'There's one bit of information that you've got to know about, and that is that we have more than one lifetime.' And I said, 'Wow!' It rocked my boat, because religions don't teach that. So I went in that very day and knelt down in prayer and got a witness that reincarnation was true. And that was the beginning of my journey that I was launched on. And of course, once you get a revelation like that, you can't really hold it in. I was teaching kids in Sunday school."

Audience:  (Laughter).


Curtis:  "It didn't take long. Because they wanted to know what happens to bad people when they die, and of course we get into beginning, middle, end and, like Joe said, energy follows thought. In one lifetime you might create some negative energy, you atone for it in the next life, and you keep going. These kids liked that idea so they told their parents, their parents told the bishop, and two days later I was in hot water. Excommunicated. And I'll tell you what, that was the thing that changed my life. Since then, the gathering of lights is really -- I know Joe has written about that, I've written about that. It's really the most incredible, wonderful journey, discovering the treasure that's in each one of us. Thank you, Joe."

JJ:  Give this boy a hand.

Audience:  (Applause).


JJ:  Okay. Where did Sharon go? She asked me a question.

Audience:  "JJ, are we going to do that 'seeing each other's soul' before we do the healing? That way we can raise our vibration up."


JJ:  Yeah. Let's get in a circle.

Audience:  "What about the Song, too?"


JJ:  Say the Song? We could do that. We can say the Song first. Since you spoke up, will you pass these out to everybody?

Audience:  "(Laughter) You'd think he'd learn."


JJ:  Okay, let's say the "OM" first. Follow me.

(The group says a series of "OM's" together, and then begins to say the Song.)


"We thank you, Father, that You revealed to us Your protective universal Light;
That within this Light is complete protection from all destructive forces;
That the Holy Spirit of Your Presence permeates us in the Light,
And wherever we will the Light to descend."


JJ:  Okay, visualize what we just said.

(There is then a long contemplative pause, and then the group continues with the second stanza of The Song.)


"We thank you, Father, that You fill us with Your protective fires of Love;
That within this Love is complete protection from all destructive thoughts and feelings;
That the consciousness of Christ is lifted up in us in this Love,
And wherever we will the Love to be inflamed."


(There is a shorter silent pause, and then the group continues with the third, and final stanza of The Song.)


"We thank you, Father, that You are in us and we are in You;
That through us Your Will is sent forth on wings of Power;
That Your Purpose is accomplished on earth as it is in heaven;

"That through us Your Light and Love and Power is manifest to all the sons and daughters of Mankind."


(The group then says an "OM" at the end of The Song.)


JJ:  Now let's turn it around and we'll say the invocation for the Avatar. Back in Nauvoo when we had the Gathering there, we were talking about invocation and evocation, and we were thinking of ways to invoke the Avatar of Synthesis. So we wrote this for that purpose. It starts with a line from the Great Invocation, which already has a lot of power connected with it because there is so much thought connected with this verse. And then the rest of it is connected with invoking the Avatar. Begin with the first verse and again have a period of silence between each one. You can say the "OM" to yourself. Just silently think the "OM" in the silences and think of the materialization of what we've just said.


"From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide the little wills of men."


(Silent pause.)


"Let the One Great Life manifest Its Purpose
And send forth Its Avatar."


(Silent pause.)


[Compiler's Note:  It was a warm, balmy, spring-like day, and the windows and doors where opened to let fresh air in. As Sun Valley is in a mountainous area, it is also prone to sudden thunderstorms. Interestingly enough just following the "moment of silence," a strong gust of wind caused from an approaching storm "whooshed" into the room through the open windows and doors.]


JJ:  Here He comes! (chuckles) Like the rushing of a mighty wind. I couldn't resist saying that.


"Let this Master of Purpose come forth
And amplify our wills to synthesize them with His own,
Giving us power to serve."


(Silent pause.)


"Let the Avatar of Synthesis manifest to the group of which I am a part,
That we may prepare the earth for the Lords of Light and Love."


(Silent pause.)


"Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on earth."


JJ:  Say this three times more, the first time not so loud -- kind of normal -- the second time louder, and the third time louder still.

JJ, together with the group repeat:

"Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on earth.
Let Will and Power and Purpose manifest the Christ on earth!

(Following this, the entire group then say one long "OM.")


JJ:  Before the healing session, anything we do to raise up our vibration and concentrate on positive energy is helpful. Let's all join in a circle for our next step. Just put your arm around the next person or hold their hand even, as long as there is a connection.

Audience:  (Inaudible talk.).


JJ:  Okay, we'll say a few "OM's" again.

(JJ with the group all say "OM.")


JJ:  Visualize a ball of light right around Larry's head over there. Just visualize that. Now visualized this ball of light beginning to move by the power of our thought as we say the "OM's." And it's moving around over Robin's head, then Rob's, Sophia's, and so on like that, all around everybody here. As we sound the "OM's," its energy and speed of movement become faster. When it touches each one, it becomes stronger. So visualize that. We will begin with Larry over there. Okay?

(JJ with the group all say "OM.")


JJ:  See it still on Larry's head; it's not moving yet. ("OMs" continue) It's growing in strength. ("OM's" continue) Larry's about to catch on fire.

Audience:  (Laughter).

("OM's" continue.)


JJ:  A little bit more. Now the ball of fire is going to Robin but it remains on Larry. Now it's on Robin, and you can see it on Robin and Larry. ("OM's" continue) Now it's moving over to Rob. Now it's on Robin, Larry and Rob. ("OM's" continue) Now you can see this move along until it does it to everybody in the group. Take about a minute or two. ("OM's" continue) Some of you will sense it when it comes to you. ("OM's" continue) It's over half way now. ("OM's" continue) Two more sets of "OM's" and we'll be again to Larry.

("OM's" continue.)


JJ:  Now just say this part. "O-O-O-O-O-O-O..."

The group follows with "O-O-O-O-O-O-O...")


JJ:  See this ball right over each one of our heads, (inaudible) us, energizing us, and healing us. (long pause) Repeat after me:


"I accept the divine fire of Light and Love.
The Power of God is manifesting in me.
The Power of God is manifesting in this group,
Because the group is one in the Mind of God.
This Power is making us whole in the Mind of God.
I freely accept all the energies that belong to me."


(Long pause.)


"I feel the circulation of the energies within me
And the divine energies within the group."


(Long pause.)


"Holy, holy, holy is the name of the Most High."

(JJ along with the group all say "OM.")


JJ:  Now we'll have a couple minutes of silence. And as we've experienced before when we do this, we tend to kind of rock a little bit. If you feel like slightly moving your body back and forth, go with that flow. Feel the energy circulating around the room. It goes around the same direction that ball of fire went around.

Now repeat these words:

"I have no resistance to the Love of God, which heals me and gives me Light."


JJ:  Now see the ball of fire that's over everybody's head. It duplicates itself, and every duplicate ball of fire merges into the center. And there's a ball of fire composed of white living fire in the middle. You can look at the fire either with your eyes closed or open; it matters not. Within this fire materializes the Master. And since we're invoking the power to heal, He is here to tell you what you need to know to obtain your greatest healing -- it may be physically, it may spiritually, or emotionally. Concentrate on looking at Him in the center and ask Him, "What is it that I need to know to be healed?" Sound the "OM" and then concentrate on the answer.

(JJ along with the group all say "OM.")


JJ:  Now this you will not speak aloud, but acknowledge your answer and respond to the Master as to whether or not you're willing to do what is necessary to be healed. That is between you and Him. Some of us may think the answer is great, some of us may think the answer is difficult. (long pause) Okay, we probably don't have time to go around and get responses from everyone, but...

Audience:  "That was hot(?)!"

Audience  (Laughter and inaudible talk.).


JJ:  Okay, we'll go around this way. Does anyone have any particular impressions that they want to share?

Audience:  "I do. I was told to live without limits, to fill the measure of my creation. My response was that I would lay my fear aside and do so."

Audience:  "That was pretty eloquent."

Audience:  "I didn't get that ... (audience laughter) ... but I felt like a was glowing, between Garrett's hand on my back and Christ in front of me. I'm not kidding. I just felt like -- in fact, did you feel my arm, like, raising. It was pretty intense."


JJ:  Good. Intense good, right?

Audience:  "The message I got was forgiveness."

Audience:  "We asked what we should know in order to heal, so I asked what am I supposed to know in order to be healed, and I just heard 'I love you.' So I wasn't told anything to do."


JJ:  Are you already in pretty good health?

Audience:  "Mm-hmm. Well, physically."

Audience:  (Laughter).


JJ:  So that's probably an important thing to realize that you're already in reasonably good health... (inaudible). Okay, who's next?

Audience:  "I had an aura picture today, and I was told that I have to learn to heal myself."

Audience:  "I have a pain in my shoulders and... (inaudible)."


JJ:  Do you feel better?

Audience:  "A little bit, I guess."

Audience:  "I have a situation with my young son that I was asking for guidance for healing for. I was told that I have done everything that I can do, and now I have to trust God and turn it all over (inaudible). And that's the hardest thing for me to do, because I think there is just one more rock I can turn over, one more switch I can flip. I'm a resourceful person and I don't give up. And I have to let go."


JJ:  Yeah, sometimes with other people, it's out of your hands.

Audience:  "Yup, it truly is out of my hands. And I've been told this by other people, but I keep hanging on, and the more I hang on, the harder I'm making it."


JJ:  Well, it's also healing for you to realize it's out of your hands. Because that way you won't be (indistinct) struggling. Anybody else in that direction there?

Audience:  "(Inaudible) ... At me with his piercing eyes full of love ... (inaudible)."


JJ:  Anybody else? Okay, Garrett brought his bed there.

Audience:  (Laughter).

Garrett:  "Not quite. Before I start, does anyone know if the women's bathroom has paper towels? Because I need a towel to wipe my table off. The men's has... (inaudible)."

Audience:  "Are you asking a woman to get them for you?"


JJ:  We have a person... (inaudible). Garrett's idea is that more people can touch...

Garrett:  "Yeah, you can get around grabbing just a chair and we'll put the table... (inaudible)."


Audience:  "Also, Melva is available. She is a reiki master too, so...

Garrett:  "Garrett: Well, this is going to be for our group healings... (inaudible) ... I'll be doing personal healings later. I'm going to drag the table over... (inaudible)."


JJ:  I don't know if I'll have time to go by everybody. What we'll do this time is -- a couple individuals that may need particular healing we'll do one at a time, and then we'll do several at a time as groups move ahead because there are too many to do individual ... (inaudible) ... Okay, does anybody have any particular problems that they want dealt with?

Audience:  "Charice needs her heart healed."


JJ:  Okay. Do you want to come lie down?

Audience:  "Audience: Do you want to take your jacket off?"

Audience:  "You'll be warm in a minute (chuckles)."


JJ:  Your name is Charice? What's the matter with your heart?

Charice:  "I got an aura picture taken and they said that mostly I was green but I had red underneath my heart."

Audience:  "Yeah, she's got a lot pain in her heart from a lot of... (inaudible)."


JJ:  Well, what does the medical doctor say?

Charice:  "Charice: Well, I don't know because I didn't know about that until today.

Audience:  " It's more emotional."


JJ:  Okay. Everybody touch her on some part of your body or touch somebody who's touching her.

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  Charice, say these words:  "I send and receive the pure love of God."

(Charice repeats.)

(Again, everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  Say this:  "I feel the pure love of God in every cell of my body."

Charice repeats (what JJ said).


JJ:  Now visualize light going through your hands into her body, illuminating her whole body.

(Again, everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  All my fear is replaced with love.

Charice repeats (what JJ said).

(Again, everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  We'll do some individual ones ... (inaudible).

Charice:  "Thank you very much ... (inaudible)."


JJ:  Anybody else?

Audience:  (The suggestion is inaudible.).


JJ:  Right there?

Audience:  (Inaudible discussion.).

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  I accept the energy of the group.

(The participant then repeats what JJ said.)


JJ:  I completely relax and let the power of God do its work.

(The participant then repeats what JJ said.)

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  (Inaudible).

There is a long pause, and then JJ says:

Okay, say these words:  "I'm responsible for myself, and not for other people unless they want me to be."

(The participant then repeats what JJ said.)


JJ:  Feel all that sense of responsibility purged.

(Another long pause.)

Audience:  "Did you feel it? Do you feel all right?"

Participant:  Yes ... (inaudible)."

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  Everybody left in the group, say after me:  "Let the healing power of God permeate Wayne's body."

(All participants repeat what JJ said, followed by a long pause.)


JJ:  Wayne, say these words:  I joyously accept.

(Everyone in the group says "OM" which is followed by a long pause.)

Audience:  "Good poem(?), Wayne."

Audience:  (Laughter and inaudible talk.).


JJ:  Okay, is there anybody else in particular who has a problem?

Audience:  (Inaudible discussion.).


JJ:  Let's put this boy on. Come on. Bryan's had his near-death experiences too, here.

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")


JJ:  Have the group repeat:  "Bryan, we send you our love merged with the love of Christ."

Audience:  Everyone repeats what JJ said.


JJ:  Now, Bryan, repeat: "I feel your love with every fiber of my being."

Bryan repeats what JJ said.

(Everyone in the group says "OM.")