Local Posts #39 (Part One)

2009-9-28 03:51:00


Sept 5, 2009 -- Post #1


If we go after the Bush administration for torture then we need to go after Obama for torturing us with so many prime time appearances. If it comes down to being waterboarding or watching one more speech saying the same thing over and over I think it's about a toss up.

[US President] FDR's [Franklin D. Roosevelt] buddies waterboarded nerds for laughs and the future present didn't think a thing of it.

Real torture are those things that no one in their right mind would volunteer for such as:

The Bush administration did none of these things and the three or four that were waterboarded saved thousands of lives. Anyone that wants to take that back would have to share the responsibility of the loss of human life.

Sooner or later we'll be attacked again and believe me, going after the Bush administration for protecting us will be the last thing on our minds.


Sept 5, 2009 -- Post #2


Torture in the mind of a Lefty:

Torture for any person of common sense:

Since the Left has such a low tolerance for discomfort you just can't talk to them in English about real torture except for one thing. They would be happy to boil any conservative in oil if they had the chance.


Sept 5, 2009 -- Post #3

"TWall" wrote:

"Wow Joseph, I am a "Lefty" and let's see:

"1. I don't like tofu.
"2. I love beer.
"3. I train my dog properly to NOT bark."


I guess you're not totally unreasonable.


"If you don't think waterboarding is torture, why don't you -- gasp -- try it!"


There's a lot of uncomfortable things to do that I do not choose to participate in.

I do not want to have a root canal, but if necessity requires it I will do it and have had several with no anesthetic and even that was not torture. It was just uncomfortable, but it was no big deal.


Sept 5, 2009 -- Post #4

"Savvy" writes:

"I realize you (a poster named 'dkdurrant') send Joseph a significant portion of your insignificant monthly disability stipend, but you need to demand a refund. You are not getting your money's worth. There is no heaven to buy your way into to become a god, no matter what he peddles to you."


The "me" that you portray only exists in your overactive imagination. I have no idea who "dkdurrant" is even though I appreciate his positive posts.

And why are you Lefties always bringing up religion when we should be talking politics? Isn't one explosive subject at a time enough?


Sept 6, 2009 -- Post #1


Wow, I don't know where t start there is so much red meat in today's letters. I'll pick on Leif "Skiving's" letter because it is the most illogical.

He thinks that seniors that do not agree with socialized Medicare should cut up their card. Now why in the world should they do this when the government is handing out an average of over $9000 per person per year to be in Medicare?

I didn't agree with Bush sending us all $300, but did I tear up the check? You think I am crazy? I paid taxes to get that $300 and even though I didn't agree with the rebate program that money is mine and I'm not going to tear up my own money.

Even so, one can disagree with how the government runs socialized medicine, but since we are forced to pay for it we are justified in getting a little of the value of that money back.

Getting back what we can from the taxes we pay is the farthest thing from the hypocrisy that the Right is falsely charged with.


Sept 6, 2009 -- Post #2


Great letter by Jim Verdolini. My sentiments exactly. I think we'll see a record number of incumbents thrown out in 2010. The people are waking up.

[US Representative (ID-1) Walt] Minnick is a Democrat like they were in the days of Kennedy where they still had a sense of financial responsibility. His party should be proud of him for taking them back to their roots.

And good letter by Howard enlightening us on salmon runs. How crazy is it to support cap and trade on one hand, and then on the other needlessly breach the dams that give us renewable energy with virtually zero greenhouse emissions?


Sept 6, 2009 -- Post #3

"Thatsrap" writes:

"Well, put your money where your mouth is! Refuse Medicare! Refuse Social Security -- saying you paid into it and should benefit from it is a cop out and makes you a hypocrite."


To be a hypocrite you have to go against your stated belief system. If it is your belief system to get as much of your money back from the taxes you paid in then it is the furthest thing from hypocrisy to use Medicare even if you would prefer another system.

If you were an Atheist and didn't accept Christianity, would you be a hypocrite if you were in a car wreck and accepted help from a Christian trying to save your life? Duh. I don't think so. If your life is in danger you'll seek help from any source.

Even so, no one who pays taxes can be considered a hypocrite for taking help from any program that he thinks is imperfect. To call such people hypocrites is just plain mean spirited and distorting the argument to demonize the opposition.


Sept 6, 2009 -- Post #4


First, "Eduguy's" attempt to refute my analogy makes no sense. The atheist accepts from the Christian with whom he disagrees and may even wish he did not exist, just as many accept help from Medicare, even though they wish we had another system. The correlation is accurate.


"When republicans swear off trying to kill medicare, then, perhaps, the hypocrisy won't be so complete."


So according to you the atheist has to swear off disliking or attempting to change Christians or he is a hypocrite for taking help to save his life?

This is silly. He is not a hypocrite for taking help when he believes in taking help from any source to save his life, especially when that is all that is available.

Even so, those who do not agree with socialized medicine are NOT hypocrites for accepting help from the only source available to save their lives. If we had reform then maybe they could have a better source of assistance and use that.


Sept 6, 2009 -- Post #5


Jim, 32, and self-employed has several gripes against insurance companies. He thinks they charge too much for the payout and has an existing condition they do not cover. Even so, this is the best deal he can get so he buys it.

Is he a hypocrite?

Rod, 66, is retired with a limited income. He has many gripes against Social Security and Medicare. He would like to see additional options to both systems.

Even so, he collects Social Security because he believes in retrieving his own money and he has to have it at this time. He accepts Medicare because his taxes has paid for the system and this monopoly on the tax dollars is all that is available. Be believes in taking help where he can find it.

Are either Jim or Rod hypocrites? Not according to "Rap's" definition: a "person whose actions belie stated beliefs."

Both Jim and Rod are acting in harmony with their beliefs.



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