Democracy -- Part Three

2009-9-7 07:53:00

Thanks to the group for your comments.

First, let me say that all the ingredients safeguarding freedom could be placed in a constitution based on a democratic government, but an extremely important point to consider is that words alone, no matter how noble, will not protect us from tyranny.

The basic ingredients of the U.S. Constitution has been copied by many developing countries. It has been a help but in many cases a dictatorship still developed.

The bottom line is that to remain free a nation must have more than the words of freedom, but the thoughts of freedom. Without a consciousness that can accept freedom and responsibility we are doomed to slavery no matter what our founding document says.

We are presently in a condition where the principles of the Republic are not working well, but there is one bright spot. The majority of the people desire freedom and common sense government much more than the representatives who govern us. Therefore, any shift of power to the majority of the people away from those merely interested in power will be a positive thing.

Now here is another important point. Even though a purer democracy would be an improvement on what we have now, it is not the highest form of government. The highest form, I believe, is The Molecular Relationship.

Government in The Molecular Relationship is a lot like the government of our Republic, but with one main difference. It has the principle of correction more inherently built into it. Without the principle of correction any government, no matter how virtuous, will eventually become corrupt and be overthrown.

Look at history. All governments, good and bad, come and go. After a couple hundred years corruption usually sets in and this is eventually followed by a revolution. A revolution produces change but half the time the change is positive and the other half things are much worse. For instance, the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was expected by the people to bring them more freedom, but they were sadly disappointed by the tight controlling grip of Communism.

Government by the Molecular Relationship is too large of a leap to introduce to the country at this time. It will most likely evolve through small groups and eventually be accepted by larger groups and eventually nations. Even with this, system containing a built in correction mechanism, there exists the possibility of tyranny. A strong leader could intimidate the members to the extent that people could be afraid to challenge him when he goes astray.

The bottom line is that only the consciousness of freedom can insure that freedom is perpetuated.

To review how leadership works in the Molecular Order go to: