Local Posts #30 (Part Two)

2009-8-10 04:56:00

[Compiler's Note: The "Local Posts" series of articles found here in "The Archives" are a collection of exchanges between JJ Dewey and others participating on a local online newspaper blog which can be read online at Idaho Statesman Letters To The Editor. These exchanges were subsequently re-posted by JJ Dewey to The Keys Of Knowledge discussion group prior to being archived here.]


July 28, 2009 -- Post #1


Mr. Heidt has made a blatantly false statement that is mindlessly repeated by the unthinking:

"Capitalism is an economic theory that enshrines greed as a virtue and worships arrogance."

Greed is where you want more than your share. Capitalism is not built around taking more than your share, but rewards you with what you have actually earned and what you earn through your labor is your share. Accepting your rightful earnings is not being greedy.

There is greed in any system. There are always some who want more than their rightful earnings. Chairman Mao was indeed greedy for building expensive villas for himself while millions of his people starved. Even the starving were greedy who resorted to cannibalism and even traded their children in to be butchered for food.

To associate greed with capitalism is a zombie attempt to destroy the principle that made this country the greatest economic power in history.

That may be changing though, but not because of capitalism.


July 28, 2009 -- Post #2

"Grandjester" (GJ) wrote:

"Sorry Joseph, wrong again. If there is one thing that is indisputable about our economic mess, it's that capitalism and greed do indeed go hand in hand."


Indisputable in your mind only.

The core reason for this mess was the ANTI capitalistic idea that everyone should own a home whether they can earn one or not. Too much regulation forcing lenders to lend 100% and MORE of loan value created this problem.

The Democrats want to keep this system and regulate more. It doesn't matter how much you regulate if the regulations insist that people who cannot afford a home be given a loan.


"Capitalism, specifically Laissez-faire capitalism practiced under Reagnomics strips away regulation and common sense from economic and financial decision...."


Obama would kill to have an economic recovery like Reagan created -- and Reagan started from a worse situation.

Obama will not be asking Reagan's question in 2012: "Are you better off now then you were 4 years ago?"


July 28, 2009 -- Post #3

"Run" wrote:

"Face it, dude: Capitalism operates on greed. Why else would the U.S. consume almost a quarter of the planet's resources despite only consisting of roughly 5% of its population?"


This is crazy talk. Let me illustrate.

Rob, a ten-year old kid, wanted to make some money so he started a lemonade stand. He worked hard and made some good money.

Then other kids saw what Rob was doing and three others started similar stands. During the next few weeks Rob put in twice the hours as the other kids and made smart investments in sugar and lemons so he would never run out. He also started a new stand and hired another kid to man it.

The other three were disgruntled and came to Rob exclaiming: "Rob, you are operating on greed. You own 40% of the stands yet use 80% of the sugar and lemons and make 80% of the money."

Dumb accusation -- almost as silly as that made by "Run".


July 29, 2009 -- Post #1

Mr. Bejsovec writes:

"I admire President Obama's attempts to turn the economy around and revive our sad relationships with other countries. Should he fail, we can put the blame on the Republican obstructionists."


How in the world are Republicans obstructing Obama from having good relations with France, England, Israel, Iraq, Russia or any other nation? What a thoughtless accusation. It is symptomatic of a major illusion projected by Obama which is all his failures are due to Republicans. This is maintained despite the fact he has a veto proof Senate and overwhelming majority in he House.

Over 50 rebellious Democrats are creating most of his obstruction at the present time. Time is now running out for him to continue to blame, Bush, Cheney and Republicans for all his woes. Obama's poll numbers are reflecting the truth that people are waking up to the fact that the undesirable changes occurring are largely Obama's doing.


July 29, 2009 -- Post #2

"Proletariat" wrote:

"There is a lot more evidence of repression and spying during the Bush era than any time in recent history - where were you then? Please provide evidence where the current administration has tried to repress free speech."


The evidence of Bush spying is only in your fertile imagination. I've tried to find even one resident U.S. citizen that was spied upon by Bush and can't find one. I figure that there's about one chance in less than 10 million that Bush would have tapped my phone. OHHH! That's so scary!

On the other hand, hours after Clinton realized that Linda Tripp may pose a problem he released information to the press from her confidential FBI [US Federal Bureau of Investigation] files.

The current administration is suppressing speech through making implied threats to broadcasters. Here is an example.



July 29, 2009 -- Post #3

"Run" writes:

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? For someone who's so concerned about government intrusion into your life in the form of taxing for services you don't want or forcing you to be charitable, you seem awfully open to the idea of invasion of your privacy. Dumbfounding!"


Do the math instead of being governed by your feelings.

There was less than one chance in 10 million that my phone would be tapped during the Bush Administration and even if it was they could listen all they want for I wasn't doing anything illegal. That ratio will probably go way up before we see the last of Obama.

There's 100% chance a traffic cop will spy on me in the near future as well as the IRS [US Internal Revenue Service]having total access to my private records.

Which should concern me the most? You are like the guy who worries about getting hit by a meteor as he's driving over a cliff.


July 29, 2009 -- Post #4


"I have no problem with traffic cops or the IRS, because that's necessary monitoring"


You have no problem with the IRS monitoring your every expense, but you have a problem with monitoring terrorists and saving thousands of lives.

Strange value system you have there.


-- End Of Part Two --


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