The One Thing

2009-8-6 03:55:00

[Compiler's Note:  In response to the posting of a draft chapter entitled "The One Thing" from his upcoming book, entitled "Fixing American," at The Keys Of Knowledge students made a variety of comments which resulted in a number of messages, the first of which was Message Number 42369, posted on August 6, 2009.]



Thanks to the group for your comments.

Dan, I do not mind at all any improvements you suggest in wording or English.

As far as the word "hone" goes the online dictionary give a meaning as "make perfect or complete." This is a play on sharpening a blade to perfection with a hone. I thought it seemed like the best word to me. If anyone else in the group thinks I should use another word please voice your comments.

I think you may have a point on the word "simplistic" and have changed the wording as follows:

"In the meantime we need to pick something easy to understand and attainable."

To Larry K -- Thanks for your comments. I realized my quote was not the complete wording of [the State of California's] Proposition 13, but it may be a good idea to mention the rest of it you quoted.

You say that we would need a constitutional convention to pass my proposition. I do not understand why this would be the case. Could not such a bill be written by Congress and just passed by them? I can't think of anything in the Constitution preventing this.

Comments from Constitutional students are invited.

Assuming such a bill can be passed the next part of my book will be how we can pressure Congress into making this happen.

Larry Woods writes:

"By the way Congress uses waiting periods to restrict gun buying because they perceive gun ownership as dangerous. I see Congress legislating as dangerous and I feel a waiting period is very appropriate."


Great point. I think I'll put that in the book.