Local Posts #23 (Part One)

2009-7-18 07:33:00

[Compiler's Note: The "Local Posts" series of articles found here in "The Archives" are a collection of exchanges between JJ Dewey and others participating on a local online newspaper blog, and were subsequently re-posted by JJ Dewey on The Keys Of Knowledge discussion group prior to being archived here.]


May 30, 2009 -- Post #1


Concerning ethanol, I had a mechanic tell me many years ago to never use it. He told me it destroys the o-rings in the engine and can lead to many problems. He said it was OK to run a tank through your car about one fill-up out of ten and because it burns hot it will blow some carbon out of your car.

Another mechanic told me to always fill up at a brand name station for their gas is better quality on the average than generic gas.

I haven't noticed any problem in getting ethanol free gas but maybe I have not been paying attention. I'll double check the next time I fill up.

(Note: I found out that almost all gas stations have ethanol added. There is only one station in Boise that sells ethanol free gas.)


May 30, 2009 -- Post #2


It is strange that the Left is so much more worried about business and private enterprise than they are government. Outside of GE [General Electric], which owns NBC [The National Broadcasting Company] and gave Obama unprecedented favorable press to be in on the billions gained from the cap and trade policy, I do not see a lot to worry about.

In the past government and unjust leaders have killed 6 millions Jews, fed Christians to the lions, give real torture to millions, confiscated untold wealth through unfair taxation, issued many laws that hinder freedom of the individual, borrowed money from potential enemies to place our grandchildren in debt... I could go on and on.

Now big business has its faults but none has come close to the infractions of big government. When have they ever tried to exterminate a race? Never.

No business has ever forced me to do anything I did not choose to do. Those who fear business more than government are like computer programs who know not who fed them their talking points.


May 31, 2009 -- Post #1

Ms Hicks wants more money for education and complains of wasteful spending elsewhere, but she seems oblivious to the wasteful spending in education.

Nationally it costs over $9000 a student and a little lower in Idaho. That figure does not account for all building and maintenance costs. If we take the costs of a classroom of 25 students that amounts to $225,000 spent on that class. If the teacher is receiving $35,000 that leaves $190,000 to be spent... on what?

Now I am all for paying the actual teachers a good salary but I am strongly against all the waste for bureaucracy and perks that comes from that $190,000. We'd be better off just renting a room somewhere, hiring a quality teacher, pay her $60,000 a year and send the kids to school with a limousine service.


May 31, 2009 -- Post #2

"Walkingmountain" wrote:

"But if can't make money for me, you're worthless. That's capitalism."


If you are spending money, earning it or someone is spending on you, then you are valuable to capitalism. I think that includes everyone, does it not?

And the next best thing is...?

The old Soviet Union tried to solve the problem of obscene wages by making everyone equal and what happened? It made everyone equally poor and created bread lines so all one had to eat was stale food.

However, the hypocrites who had the power did not suffer and secretly lived as kings.

That's what would happen here if we gave away our power in an attempt to make the janitor's wages equal to the movie star. Those who have the power to do this would not be equal to the rest of us and would have the perks of movie stars without making a good movie to earn their keep.


June 1, 2009 -- Post #1


Mr. Huston is correct that Madison and the Founding Fathers would look at the Constitution and other factors much differently than many people alive today.

  1. He makes a good point from Madison that the Constitution would be worthless unless we use it as intended. If there is something we do not like we should change it rather than legislating changes from the bench.
  2. They would be astounded at how spooked so many of the modern left are by the mere mention of God or religion when there is no intention to establish a state religion.
  3. They would be aghast at how large and intrusive the government has become and how many taxes we pay.
  4. If they saw our plunge toward National Socialism they would be terrified at our possible fate and the threat to the freedom established by their sacrifice.


June 1, 2009 -- Post #2

"Boiseriver" wrote:

"Which administration was forced to take a heavy hand in regulating the economy after eight years of capitalism gone wild because of a failure to regulate?"


What's with you guys, always trying to place 100% of the blame for all that goes wrong on the opposition party? The drift toward National Socialism is the fault of both parties. Bush 43 took us in that direction and Obama is jumping over the cliff.

What is ironic is that most on the Left claim that Germany's National Socialism was a dangerous thing, but the one we are headed toward now is suddenly a good thing.

Strange reasoning by both parties but more enthusiastically endorsed by the Democrats.

The one thing Bush did right was fighting terrorism and the amount of abuse to citizens' rights was less than the Clinton Administration. The Waco incident alone violated more citizens rights than all that happened in the eight years of the Bush administration.


June 1, 2009 -- Post #3

"Grandjester" (GJ) wrote:

"If you actually read Madison, you would find that he is foremost among the founders in keeping the church out of government."


You need to argue with what I do say -- not with what I do not say.

No argument here.


"And you will find that there are many, many conservatives that are trying to remake America as a Christian nation."


Wrong as usual.

Many emphasize that we were established with the influence of Christian values but that is a million miles away from remaking America as an exclusively Christian nation or establishing a state religion.

I do not want a state religion any more than you do, but I do not see a Christian boogieman under every rock -- similar to some Christians who see the devil under every rock. Neither do I go half crazy when someone mentions God or prayer.


June 1, 2009 -- Post #4


"And Jo... I am concerned for you. A man your age always up at one, two in the morning, Prostate giving you trouble old man? That would explain the irascibility. Get a Doc to check it out, pick up some Flowmax AND LEARN SOME HISTORY!"


Maybe you ought to stay up later and study some history so you don't embarrass yourself so much here.

My health is fine, thanks, and my usual bedtime is around 5 AM. I've always been a night owl.

You've bashed me as a senior citizen a number of times. Are you also a gay basher and do you also make fun of the handicapped?


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