Early Keys Post #177-184

2009-7-6 06:16:00

[Compiler's Note:  The "Early Keys Posts" articles are a from a series of lessons that JJ Dewey gave while conducting classes on AOL (America Online), circa 1994.]


Post #177

It is interesting to hear your comments on LSD [Lysergic acid diethylamide]. I have never felt the need to take it. If I gained any more knowledge of alternate realities I would probably explode. Without any chemical assistance I have gained more than anyone is willing to learn. Nevertheless, I will take you at your word on your own experiences. I will warn you to be careful of shortcuts. They are often deceptive.

You are very correct that one must accept that which is in front of them as what is -- assuming that one is seeing without clouds. The third key word is important to correct seeing or seeing without deception.


Post #178

You finally got the exact key word. Decision is the key to "WHO and/or WHAT YOU ARE." You are what you decide to be and what you are now is the result of every decision you have ever made.

Decision is an ability shared by your lower and higher selves. The highest life in the universe uses this ability. No one on the planet fully understands this power, but to pass the first key you must push your own understanding of it to a higher level.

You have passed the first half of the First Key.

The next step is to contemplate the word and tell me the thoughts that come to your mind.

Feel yourself making a decision and contemplate that part of you that has this power.


Post #179

Death & Moses

The scripture in Deuteronomy 34:5-8 does say that Moses died, but the author made an assumption because he admits that "no man knoweth of his sepulcher."

Whoever wrote the last few verses assumed that Moses was dead because he left and never came back.

Some additional evidence is given in Romans 5:14:

"Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come."

Did death reign from "Adam to Moses" because Moses never died?

Who says that Gods do not physically die? Most believe that Jesus was a God, yet also believe that he died.

The fact is that many of the assistants to Moses as well as Moses himself were called Gods. It is the Bible who calls apparently regular mortal men capable of death "gods." Then too, Jesus verifies this teaching. Obviously Jehovah recognizes men as Gods before even before death is overcome.


Post #180

You state that in Genesis 32 Jacob wrestled with an angel -- the pre-incarnate Christ. Where do you get that idea? It is no where in the Bible. Do you claim some type of revelation or something?

The Bible says he wrestled with God in the form of a man. It says nothing about an angel or Christ.

You mentioned the two angels who appeared to Abraham in human form. I agree with that. But a third person also appeared in human form. We are told this was the God Jehovah as I stated in a previous posting.

It is true that there is one God, but if you are one with the one God then you are also God. Jesus proclaimed himself God by stating that "I and my Father are one." Just as the trinity is one God so can you and God be one God. If two drops of water merge then there is one drop, not two. Jesus told us to be one as he and his Father are one.

Many say that they want to enter the Kingdom of God. If the animal kingdom is composed of animals and the human kingdom is composed of humans -- would not the Kingdom of God be composed of Gods?


Post #181

When you get the right answer it will ring true within you. I believe that is the case with you at this time. Your answer was inspiring.

Perception is the third key word. It could also be called correct perception, or more exactly perception that is not distorted by the personality.

The Third Key is to perceive and then accept what is perceived.

If we perceive correctly we judge wisely. If we judge wisely our decisions will be sound. If our decisions are sound then we are on the Path.

Why is it that most people do not accept what is truly perceived and how do we overcome this problem?


Post #182

There are three main causes of imperfect perception. You basically covered the middle one by mentioning our desires and also fear. These are both tied to the emotional level. Emotional distortion of truth is called "glamour." One of the core causes of this is an expanded feeling of importance.

The other two causes of incorrect perception comes from the physical and mental. Laziness as you mentioned affects all three of our levels to a degree.

The emotional distortion of truth is perhaps the most obvious to the advanced ego. Take the OJ Simpson story for instance. If people feel that he is a hero they may ignore the evidence because of their feelings.

Contemplate the causes of deception on the physical and mental levels and tell me your thoughts.


Post #183

The word "substance" is amazingly close for the first attempt. All three causes of deception have a pull in all the three worlds, but are centered in only one world.

The pull of substance is called "Maya." It would include alcohol and other drugs, but this is only part of the answer. Overall Maya is the pull of matter itself. Contemplate other pulls on us from our lower nature that pull our attention away from that which is real.

Experience is a real event, that, if remembered accurately, is a great teacher of reality. Experience leads us to greater perception, not away from it. Incorrect perception of an experience can be a detriment, however.

There is a problem at the beginning and sometimes the middle of many "logical" thinking processes that lead one's attention away from the truth. This is not an emotional thing, but purely mental. This is the third deception.

Another point to contemplate:  Why is the Third Key called "communion?"


Post #184

I guess the way I worded the last communication could be read two ways. I did want you to substitute the word "know" with "decide" as you guessed.

I would like to make a gentle correction. You say that "Many people have already decided within themselves what is good and evil." It does seem that way, but in truth most people have not made a decision at all. Very few know how to decide at all. The knowledge of the power of decision is the key to becoming like the Gods or the "Us" of Genesis.

What most people call decision is in reality a decision made by some authority they have accepted and not a real decision by them weighing the two extremes.

One must sense the Middle Way before a true decision can be made.

Much of what we call decisions is merely following the line of least resistance.

Contemplate the difference between a real decision and an apparent decision and tell me your thoughts.

You are right in that true decision makes us aware of our "God Selves."


"As a rule we disbelieve all the facts and theories for which we have no use."
  -- William James (1842 - 1910)