Esoteric Knowledge

2009-7-1 14:25:00

Larry Kennon wrote:

"If esoteric knowledge is knowledge that is hidden, then I only see three possibilities. Esoteric knowledge is:

"1. Knowledge of one's internal mental state (and therefore hidden from the direct perception of others).

"2. Knowledge that is difficult to acquire, but in no other respect different from any other knowledge (for example, knowledge of quantum mechanics in physics is 'hidden' from most due to the difficulty of the math involved - if you are not sufficiently 'evolved' in mathematics you can't really claim to understand it).

"3. Knowledge that cannot be acquired by the normal senses, but instead must be acquired by some extrasensory perception, or direct revelation (therefore it is 'hidden' from normal sensory perception).

"So JJ, which above describes your understanding of what esoteric knowledge is?"


Just like many other words that have various shades of meaning based on the context and reference of the author even so is this word used from numerous angles of meaning. I have no problem with any of them. I can usually tell what the author has in mind when he uses the word -- that is the main thing.

When I use the word as in juxtaposition to exoteric the two words take on the meaning of inward and outward. In this context esoteric knowledge is that which is only available to those who seek within and exoteric knowledge is available to the masses who just look at the obvious.

Generally when I use the word esoteric in reference to knowledge I am speaking of knowledge based on spiritual principles that rings true, but not accepted or sought after by the masses, thereby it is hidden from their consciousness.


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