Source Of Emotions

2009-6-22 10:30:00

Larry W. Kennon (LWK) wants to know my views on the origin of emotions.

Djwhal Khul [DK] has given the best seed thought on this. He states that the astral (emotional world) is created by the mental, that in ancient days the emotional world did not even exist. It wasn't until humanity's mental ability developed that desire as we know it was even possible. The lower emotions are therefore created on an illusionary principle and the astral world of lower emotions will one day pass away.

This agrees with LWK's statement that "our emotions are largely driven by our values."

And what creates our values? A mental assessment of what is meaningful to us.

Now mind alone will not create all the emotions as we know it but the fullness of these emotions is caused through the interplay of mental energy with etheric energy and prana. Etheric energy creates the impulses to the life sustaining desire in animals, but when this is analyzed and amplified by the mind, we have produced the spectrum of human emotions not available to lower life forms.

On the other hand, the Masters learn to then place the human emotions in their proper place through the power of higher mind and negate their negative influence. They have learned to see where the illusion is.

Then we have higher emotions on the plane of the Buddha that are created from the Mind of God itself. Paul [the Apostle] in speaking of one of these, spiritual love, said it endures forever. It indeed at least endures for the life of the universe and then is reborn with each new creation.