Chaos Theory

2009-6-18 16:01:00

I thought I'd make a few comments on Paul's post.

First let me compliment you for hanging on here and not taking offense at the difference of opinions voiced here. I hope you realize you are among friends on this forum -- friends that sometimes even give me a bad time, but good friends nevertheless.

You make the point that it would create confusion if any person could receive revelation to tell the president of the church what to do, teach or have for official doctrine.

This idea is not something I have promoted. Any organization has to have its structure, rules and laws and when they are established it would create chaos if anyone could command them to change.

This is a far different thing than to permit open discussion of teachings or possible change in structure or organization.

For instance, Obama is our president. I do not agree with him on many matters, but I am free to voice my thoughts on this forum or most any open discussion. Even so, if he raises our taxes I still have to pay the tax if I am to remain a citizen. I am still free to say I do not agree with the tax.

President Monson is the head of the LDS church. If he lays down a new rule you are not only subject to it, but you are not free to question it or tell people what you think without incurring a possible excommunication.

If President Monson announced off-the-cuff that reincarnation was true, you are right it would create a great disturbance. But it would not create a problem if he allowed members to have their own study groups not connected to the church where they can discuss mysteries.

The Beast is created when an outer voice takes the place of the inner voice of God. When an outer authority cancels out that which is spoken of by the inner voice or the pilgrim follows the outer when the inner says otherwise, then he has the mark of the Beast. I did not escape the mark of the Beast until I was excommunicated. The moment this happened produced a great freedom of mind for myself and the chord that held me to the Beast was severed. Once that freedom is tasted one will never return. Now I'm not saying that every member here should go get excommunicated. I'm just saying it was a positive and liberating step for me. It removed for me all concern about what the voices of the outer gods were saying.

For those who have not read my teachings on the Beast you can read the 13 Part series at:



"I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set it free."
  -- Michaelangelo