12 Keys Of Discipleship, Part 4

2009-4-30 11:03:00

Questions On The Second Key Of Discipleship -- Tolerance

Why is The Second Key Of Discipleship such an important key?

This is especially important because energy follows thought. If the seeker is intolerant or irritated at others in the group this means that his attention is on their lower personality. This draws energy toward the lower self, which means that this energy cannot go toward opening the door toward the soul.

Thus the person who is continually criticizing others for not being in the soul is himself directing energy away from his own soul.

How does violating The Second Key Of Discipleship hurt the group?

If energy is taken away from being directed at soul contact for one, it will affect the spiritual health of the entire group.

How does violating The Second Key Of Discipleship interfere with soul contact?

See above.

Is it possible that the other guy who disturbs you so is following the highest he knows and should be respected?

This is entirely possible. Both you and he could disagree on a number of items and have numerous faults but both are still doing the best they can to follow the highest they know. Following the highest you know does not bring instant enlightenment, but is the one sure way over a period of time to become embraced by the light.

Think of how embarrassing it would be to criticize your brother and not tolerate his faults and then, after death, when you go through the life review, you discover that your problems were as bad or worse than his.

If you follow this key does it mean you overlook the faults of the other person completely. How should you handle such flaws in others?

The problem with black and white thinking is it always only leads to a partial truth. Yes, we should not put excessive energy on the other persons faults, but neither should we ignore the shortcomings of others as they affect the work.

How can we do this without feeling irritable or intolerant?

The key is to view shortcomings purely from the standpoint of the mind with the emotions detached and unaffected. You do not give others power to disturb your emotional body but maintain awareness to the point that you work around the limitations of others in your group.


The Third Key Of Discipleship

Hold Your Mind Steady in the Light.

Contemplate and answer this question:

How does one do this and how does failure to accomplish this interfere with becoming a true disciple?


"The future depends on what we do in the present."
  -- Mahatma Gandhi (1869 - 1948)