Early Keys Posts (#140-142)

2009-4-4 05:15:00

Post Number 140

When the soul or the voice of God speaks to us that revelation is always a point of truth at the midway point. However, there are many times in life that the revelation is withheld and we are expected to make a decision based on what we know.

Hint:  God told Adam to name all the animals. He did not just reveal the names that they should be called. What power was God trying to stimulate in him?


Post Number 141

I don't seek out debates, but I find that when I present truth that challengers just surface. I could ignore them, but a certain amount of defending the truth will serve also to teach.

I'm glad you are reading "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM). I believe it was inspired. The first few pages hints at the sequel to it -- something akin to "A Course in Revelation." That is basically what the Keys are. Each key holds a revelation behind it.


Post Number 142

I would be happy to take you up on your offer to talk about physics in an e-mail, but I am very limited with my time at present. I think the conveying of metaphysical concepts in scientific terms in a way that would be believable to you would take more time than I have at present, but I will not rule it out. I plan on writing a treatise proving logically why the speed of light can be exceeded. When I do I would like you to read and criticize it.

I will make just several comments of general interest.

Sound and light do have different properties, but so do the notes "A" and "B." Sound and light on the other hand, have many correspondences. The greatest similarity is that they are both composed of wavelengths or vibration -- light is just a much higher frequency.

Matter itself is composed of wavelengths, and is ultimately composed of higher vibration than light itself. In fact the order of creation is:  sound - light - matter. And from a higher point of view sound, light and matter are all composed of vibrating sound. That is why we have the statement written in the book of John:  "All things were created by the Word."

Many scientists have theorized that the vacuum of space is composed of some type of ether. This is sound reasoning because light is a vibration and vibration needs a medium to travel through. Sound for instance can travel through air, liquid and solid and each affects its speed. When sound is denied a medium then there is no sound. Sound is non existence in a vacuum.

The same is true with light. The vacuum of space is not a true vacuum, but is composed of omnipresent ethers which vibrate at the speed of light. Because they vibrate at the speed of light they carry light at a constant of 186,000 miles per second. This is the true reason why light, when it is projected from a moving body does not seem to go at 186,00 miles per second plus the speed of that body, but always goes at exactly 186,00 miles per second relative to the point of origin.

The consistency of the speed of light has little if anything to do with time, but with the consistence of the vibration of the ethers.

The expanding universe is largely illusion caused by our wrong conclusions about light. What we have observed through telescopes is quite misleading because of our lack of knowledge of the interplay of ethers and light.

The universe we live in somewhat corresponds to a giant proton. There is some expansion and contraction of energy in a proton, but nothing like scientists attribute to our universe. Even so our universe is much more stable in size and motion than is supposed -- similar to a proton.

Doesn't it seem odd that scientists say that the expansion of the galaxies in the observed universe is extremely uniform like dots on the edge of a balloon being blown up. If this is true then why are the distances between galaxies and stars not equally uniform? The answer is because we are observing an illusion.

Part of the illusion is caused by the fact that when an object exceeds the speed of light relative to us it does not disappear. We instead see its "after image." The real matter is not seen.

Let us say that we have sent off a space ship at twice the speed of light for a distance of two light years. If we had a powerful enough telescope we could observe the ship as it looks one light year away and it would appear to be traveling at close to the speed of light. It would not even appear to have reached the speed of light because of a distortion of light caused by the properties of space itself.

By the time we observe the space ship at two light years they could have returned, but would have aged only two years like ourselves.

Einstein reached a logical conclusion when he talked about the relativity of time, but he lacked the information on the ethers which greatly alters the theory.

I have a question of you that I think would be of interest to readers here. Quite a few New Agers are interested in the "Keys of Enoch." Have you read this book? If not I'm sure you would find it interesting. The author seems to have a tremendous grasp of scientific terms and claims to reveal keys that will aid science.

Again I commend you for your fine mind -- our approaches are just different. You proceed from the concrete to the spiritual. I proceed from the spiritual to the concrete.


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