Re:  The Fall of Babylon -- Part 2

2009-4-1 05:17:00

LWK wrote:

"You are not 'hitting the nail on the head' by calling it 'corrupted capitalism.'

"Again, you need to look to principles to identify the real culprit. This has existed from the beginnings of civilization and has been practiced by just about every civilization in history. This existed long before anyone came up with an idea called 'Capitalism' or before anyone.

"Here you argue that the United States, or New York City cannot be 'Babylon' since many of the prophets and saints were killed before the United States even existed. Using the same type of logic then the 'woman' cannot be 'corrupted capitalism' because that also is a relatively late human invention."


And when do you think it was invented?

The dictionary says capitalism is:  "an economic system based on private ownership of capital."

Capitalism in some form has been around since the first sheep herder traded some wool (a form of private capital) for a hardy new bride. There has always been some private ownership of capital or assets since the beginning of man. How capitalism has been applied has gone through a number of incarnations but the principles involved in its misuse has ever been the same. The problem has always been the misuse of money whether it be through private capitalistic endeavors or the king or government using money confiscated from such endeavors.


"So if you are writing a book to help save America from this Beastly descent into Socialism, then aren't you going against the will of God who would have America, and the rest of the mercantile world collapse?"


The scripture in question has already been fulfilled a number of times. The Bolshevik Revolution is a prime example where "the ten horns which thou sawest upon the Beast, these shall hate the whore, and shall make her desolate and naked, and shall eat her flesh, and burn her with fire."

The Communists hated the economic system that created individual wealth and overthrew it, took all the assets and made her desolate. The same thing happened in Cuba.

It does not have to happen to us just as it did not happen to South Korea as it did in North Korea. It is only God's will that painful lessons come when there is no other way to learn. Where there is hope that the people can learn a lesson without undergoing tremendous suffering I will be there assisting.

Ruth asks:

"JJ, is it just me, or is there a lot of heavy negative static within the astral and/or emotional realm at the moment? Considering it is not a build up to the Full Moon period yet, it seems that there is a really heavy vibration around."


Actually, I feel some light breaking through and sense some hope on the horizon. Many are waking up to the peril of our situation and are wondering what they can do to help turn things around. What is needed now is leaders.


"The intermediate stage between socialism and capitalism is alcoholism."
  -- Norman Brenner