Re: Illusions About Capitalism & Socialism (Off-Topic)

2009-3-28 15:30:00

Responding to a post made by Larry Kenneon (LWK), Larry Woods responds with:

"I love it when Larry Kennon get going. I agree that God is a capitalist. In fact your above exposition of free market as opposed to all forms of socialism is nothing short of sublime. But I'm always puzzled why you mostly present your ideas as opposition to JJ. Yet it seems to me you chime in exactly teaching the same thing as JJ. In fact your government and market views could be fairly characterized as an exact clone of JJ. Searching for a simpler way to say this I could refer to you as the Clone Cloaked in Opposition. Or just the Cloaked Cloan. Or, better and shorter yet, CC. I'll keep an eye out for opposition that is really just cloaked agreement. I see many more 'CC' posts in your future."


Larry, I think you are correct except I wouldn't call LWK a clone by any means. I couldn't find anything in his last exposition to disagree with. I think we just express ourselves differently and use a slight different definition of certain words. The bottom line is we are both strongly against socialism by force and I think we would both support people having the freedom to try out any social experiments they want, even if flawed, as long as there is freedom to join or leave the group at will and basic human rights are honored.