The Mindless Beast

2009-2-25 06:34:00

Martha gives examples of three people who are basically fighting City Hall and think they are fighting the Beast. She basically wants to know if it is sometimes better to just follow the rules and avoid the problems that come through defiance?

First let me say that the many people who go out of their way to defy civil rules, police, local laws, etc., are not fighting the Beast. The Beast is not composed of the rules society passes in an attempt to make life better for the whole. Of course, many such rules may do more harm than good, but it is better to have a society with law and order than anarchy.

If our laws were part of the Beast then the burglar could say he is fighting the Beast by invading your home and defying the law.

My friend Wayne, who is now passed, had this illusionary idea of the Beast and was always getting into trouble by defying his personal Beast. For many years he refused to carry a driver's license because he was not going to let "them" tell him what to do and besides, no one asked his permission to make such a law. He went to jail over it several times, but still continued to drive without a license.

He didn't believe that City Hall had authority to force him to get building permits and built illegal structures on his property without them. He accumulated thousands of dollars of fines over this.

He never paid a dime of income tax in his adult life. One time the IRS [Internal Revenue Service] came to his door and he threatened them and they never came back. I guess they never wanted another Randy Weaver.

When he went to court he would refuse to stand for the judge and would openly condemn them and speak against whoever was prosecuting him.

He had so many troubles for defying authority that I think all the tension created in his life was one of the reasons for his early death. The sad thing is all the trouble he went through in defying authority never made any difference. City Hall remains as strong as ever.

Another thing is that he, and others like him, are not fighting the Beast.

The Beast is composed of outward authorities that take the place of God and thus control your mind with your actions following along.

The civil laws I follow, even the ones I disagree with, do not control my mind. I am not brainwashed into thinking they are infallible or come from a holy or divine source. I use my personal judgement as to how I will handle them. If the speed limit is 30 mph I may just go crazy and go 35 mph if I feel like it!

I was under control of the Beast when I was active in the LDS [Latter-Day Saint] church saw the prophet as a spokesman for God to the extent that if he gave me an order it would be like God giving me an order. When a Mormon learns to see such an order as coming from a fallible man that he can take or leave then he has moved away from the Beast.

If you are in a profession, such as climatology and work toward proving the standard global warming theory because otherwise you may loose funding then you are under the Beast.

All of us have unearned and unjust authorities that tempt us to follow like mindless beasts.

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