Correct Use of Energy

1999-7-21 09:40:00

The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 9


We now are laying a foundation of knowledge that will help us understand what is good and evil in sex, but one more important point must be understood: we must define the core principle behind that which produces good and that which produces evil at this time.

Since we are in a state of evolution, good is that which tends to accelerate us toward union with God, and/or our fellow men and women.Evil is that which causes us to separate ourselves from God, our souls, or our fellow men and women.

It has been said that there is only one sin . . . the sin of separateness.

Does this mean that we should have sex with anyone who is willing in the hope that we can share a union with many souls and move away from separateness? No. This idea is part of a great illusion. Casual sex leads to separateness and greatly hinders union in the three worlds. Therefore, it is "evil", or a mistake. The commandments given in the scriptures condemn casual sex because the Guides of the race know that it leads to separateness and not union.

When a person engages in casual sex with whoever is willing, there is generally only a sharing of the sacral energies and sometimes a partial sharing of solar plexus energies.When a person is more selective about his sex partners and tries to pick only those with whom he feels some affinity or "love" toward, then there can be close to a full sharing of both sacral and solar plexus centers.

Most of humanity has settled for this second level of fulfillment. We feel inside that there is something more, but know not how to obtain it. It is like a dream that we are prepared to not have fulfilled. As a person evolves, however, he finds that his deep feelings were not a dream and when he tastes the joys of the higher unions, he finds that nothing in heaven or hell will stop him from finding the right mate and entering into the full joy of the Lord.

Before a person can enter into the higher unions, certain laws must be followed. The joys of God are not found on the broad path, but on the so-called "straight and narrow". Before there can be a union of the heart centers, the aspirant must learn to master the emotional energy streaming from the solar plexus. This emotional energy must be subject to the control of the mind. Before the mind energies can be shared, the mind must be dominated by the intuition. The mind must be subject to the control of the soul energies, or the God Within. The mind must not "slay the real" with its concrete reasoning, but must be subject to seeing and understanding the real and the true as presented through the intuition, or communication from the God Within, the source of all true principles.

If one has only shared solar plexus and sacral energies and desires to also enjoy heart energies, he must do two things. First, he must find a mate who is at the correct point of evolution, as previously discussed.

Secondly, he must subject all the desire energy of the solar plexus to the control of the mind. Only in this way can the blazing fires of the desire center be sublimated and directed to the heart. The heart energy then circulates and much greater union becomes possible.

To circulate and blend the heart energies during and after sex, a strong commitment or understanding must be made and faithfully kept between the male and female. Sex without a commitment only stimulates the desire energies, which drown out the finer vibrations of the heart. This is why the revelations from God to man have always encouraged him to make covenants with his mate and have put great emphasis on not breaking them. These commandments about the sex act were designed to inspire greater union.

Without a covenant or strong understanding, the desire energy overshadows the heart energy. Secondly, without a commitment, there cannot be a full sharing, even if some heart energies are active; strong desire energies feed many personality fears that cause partners to throw up walls of protection from hurt. These are walls of separation. Without a covenant and trust, people fear union and fear to share all their energies because if those energies are suddenly withdrawn, great hurt automatically follows. Thus, all those who have casual sex with no commitment create barriers of negative energy thatmitigate against a full sharing of the heart - all because they are afraid of being hurt.

To prepare oneself for a full sharing, one must mentally accept the possibility of being hurt, be prepared to deal with it if it comes, and then dismiss it from the mind. Then one must make a covenant (marriage or private covenant) with someone whom he believes he can trust. Then he should make a concentrated effort to lower all the protective walls and maintain a full communication and sharing. If both parties feel secure in their covenant, are matched with the correct mate, and control desire by honoring their agreement, they may experience the sharing of the higher heart energies. During intercourse, they should make a concentrated effort to release the pure energies of love from the heart with no inhibition.

In some cases there may be a sharing with no vocalized covenant. The understanding both parties have with each other may create the same trusting effect as a covenant. For instance, both parties may have a silent understanding that they will be faithful to each other. The soul may look upon this in the same way it looks upon a covenant, but it is rare for a silent understanding to create the same effect as a vocalized covenant, which creates spheres of trust and understanding.

In another light, we can say that to raise the sharing energies to the heart center, sex, as well as other energies, must be directed toward Purpose. Purpose is the unifying energy of God and Purpose is only expressed in actions that lead toward union with God or union with each other, which leads toward God. Purpose is like an eternal stairway where each action is a step which leads to another and still another without end, until Union is achieved. If you see an action ending with only one, two or three steps, then you know that action fills a finite objective and does not represent the true energy of Purpose.

On the other hand, if an action is only one step on an infinite stairway with no end in sight Purpose is being represented.

If one has sex to merely fulfill desire, then the steps created by the action shortly reach an end and the objective is fulfilled. The energy is then dissipated and sent back to the solar plexus center where the energy of desire is recharged and sent out again on a blind mission seeking fulfillment.

When the energy of desire is controlled by the mind and the mind is directed by the soul, then the desire energy is directed upward toward the heart and head, and this creates a step on the eternal stairway of Purpose; thus, heart energy begins to circulate and two people may share a higher union enveloped in the Love of God. Once it is felt in fullness, desire will never hold the pilgrim completely in its chains again. He will see the benefits of mastering desire. Even a spiritual person must see some benefit before he will proceed upon the path of return.

Very few people ever completely master desire as it is expressed through sex, money, and power because the energies directed toward separateness and selfishness are strong indeed. To be mastered, all desire connected with these energies must be directed by the mind toward the greatest universal good one's consciousness can comprehend.

Concerning sex, the solar plexus will say: "I have desire-love toward you; therefore, it is good that we join together in sex."

The mind directed by the soul will sense this language of the lower energies as saying: "I desire you because you fulfill some of my needs and I want you to fulfill that desire not tomorrow, but now."

If the mind's translation is correct, then sex will not produce a sharing of the heart energies, for only an object of satisfaction is sought, and there is no connection with the eternal stairway of Purpose. To make this connection, the mind directed by the soul must say: "I will have sex with you when I see a possibility of making the act a step on the eternal stairway of Purpose. I will have sex when eternal union with no walls is the goal. This can only be insured by a timeless covenant. When this is the case, the energies of pure unselfish Love will surround us and we will achieve fulfillment few humans have known."

Concerning money, the solar plexus will say: "I want to provide for my family and give them all the finer things in life they deserve; I want my children to have those things I never had as a child".

The mind directed by the soul will interpret this as: "You want money only for your own pleasure. Even the things you want for your family are so you can have greater personal fulfillment. Your goals concerning money are mere objectives that will have a separativeend . . .

To direct money toward Purpose, one must seek a way to use it so it does the greatest good for the largest number of people. It is true that one must have enough money for personal and family needs before giving to other causes, but one must raise higher than just personal gratification if he is to fulfill Purpose and control desire. He must seek some action with surplus money that will in some way, great or small, benefit the whole world, and aid mankind toward the path of Union. A covenant can also apply toward money and aid in the conquest of desire. To achieve this, a person should make a strong individual or group commitment or promise to consecrate all his surplus money to some effort that will further the evolutionary development of mankind. This is a completely selfless act and tends to transmute the lower desire energies into heart energies that can lead to oneness.

Concerning power, the solar plexus will say: "I want power to assert myself in areas where I have leadership abilities and to have the freedom I need to carry out responsibilities related to these abilities. People like myself are natural leaders. Others need us to direct and guide them."

The mind directed by the soul will interpret this as: "My desire nature seeks freedom for its own expression only, even at the expense of others. It wants to feed its pride and be recognized by men and women as being important and special. It wants to exert authority over other men and women even against their will, believing that it knows what's good for them better than they know themselves."

To direct power toward Purpose, one must use whatever authority he possesses to serve and not command service. He must ever remember the injunction of the Master: "He who is the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is the servant of all." He should use any power he has to serve to benefit the whole human race as much as possible - not just the insignificant self. The power and authority a person has must not be under the direction of his desire nature, or he will become an unrighteous dictator over his tiny realm. A man or woman's power must be under the direction of the mind and under the influence of the soul. This will aid the transmuting of solar plexus energy to the heart.

All disciples must master the three energies of sex, money, and power and subject the solar plexus desires concerning them by the power of the mind, or else they will be "damned" (or stopped) in their progression and unable to move ahead in the realm of the soul.

For each person, there is one particular energy upon which his desires are most centered and will be his greatest "temptation" to overcome. Some people are very generous and unselfish with their money, but are very selfish with sex and love. Others have no problem with sex, but have a strong desire to control and dictate to others. In still others, money is their major ruin. All people have some pull from their desire nature to use all three energies incorrectly, but there is always one that is a special problem to them.

Of the three energies, sex is the hardest to put in the right perspective because error in the misuse of sex is difficult to pinpoint and realize. Few have all the money and power they want but most have opportunities to misuse sex, and sooner or later we are all tempted to do so.

The sex urge is basically the urge toward union with the Divine. It is that power that attracts spirit and matter and creates form for incarnating lives. All lives that do not express desire in the sexual relationship yet follow the natural flow of nature are under no "sin". The problems concerning sex are always centered around that part of humanity that has little or no initiative to subject desire to the mind.

Keep in mind that we admonish control of the desire nature and not suppression. Suppression of desire is very dangerous, for a desire suppressed will always surface again with greater strength. When desire is controlled and directed by the mind under direction of the soul, it is not suppressed. Often desire will be less inhibited than ever, for the mind is wise enough to always find an outlet for desire and recognizes that desires should be fulfilled according to law, but they must be directed so their expression is constructive and harmless. To become harmless, the desire nature must be checked periodically by the mind and then redirected in paths of greater fulfillment.

A person whose desires are not subject to the mind/soul will always feel somewhat unsatisfied, whereas one who subjects his desires will ironically have greater and more intense fulfillment of them.

It is a giant step in the progression of the soul for one to control desire with the mind. It is a difficult step, but it produces a giant leap in the expansion of consciousness of the individual and places him in spiritual contact with a group of other lives who have "overcome". The feeling of loneliness one sometimes feels begins to fade and is replaced by a group life force. Now the intuition begins to develop at a fast pace, and the person begins to develop power to initiate spiritual causes. Thus, he or she is called a disciple as well as an initiate.