Early Keys Post (#91-92)

2009-1-25 01:37:00

Post Number Ninety-One

(Note:   This was another post to the person who thinks he is following "Christ Come Again.")

If your knowing is "truly based" you should not be evasive about answering any questions. You feel that I am out to save you. It looks from my point of view that questions make you nervous.

The Christ of the Bible relished questions and answered them so well that people were nervous about asking him.

My objective with you is the same as it is with anyone who is willing to talk meaningful philosophy. If another has something that I do not have then I would like to learn it. On the other hand, if I can be of service in shining any light on the other person's illusions or lack of knowledge I will do that. That is what every teacher in every age has done. Surely you do not find fault with that.

You have initiated a dialog here which, if true, would mean that more knowledge and power to serve is available through the reappearance than the mind of man can imagine. If this were really true I would want to be a part of it. Since John is one of many claiming to be Christ, and many more are on the way, then I would have to have some reason to accept him above all the others. Even if there were no others claiming the title I would need a reason.

One thing that would impress me is if he knew things that I do not know. Even one principle would be impressive. Surely the Master knows more than the student.

Another thing that would impress me is if he offered some type of method of finding out the truth about himself. Jesus offered such as well as other world teachers.

If you sincerely ask me my knowledge of the Tibetan [DK -- Djwhal Khul] I would be happy to honestly answer you. I cannot quite understand why the question would offend you. I wasn't challenging you.

I am familiar with Manly Hall's writings and others of the Theosophical Society, but have not studied them in depth. I have found that I get more out of Alice A. Bailey than anyone else, but I have read quite a variety.

I am also impressed with "A Course in Miracles." I would be interested in having you ask John who transmitted that? Who do you think?

From the tone of your writings it sounds as if you are unable to relay to John any questions I ask. Is this because of your unwillingness or his? I really hope you answer this one. Is John fairly willing to answer questions?

Back to my previous questions:

If John has always known that he was the Christ then he had to have been born with a full consciousness. Has he said this is the case? Can he remember back to the day he was born? Did his mother have any revelation that he would be the Christ? Does she believe in him now?

I would like an idea of how many followers he [the "Christ Come Again"] has. For the sake of truth it doesn't matter if it is large or small, I would just like an approximate idea.

Have you noticed the similarity between the style of Creme's writings and John's? They sound very similar to me.

I have taught for many years that Jesus also had twelve female disciples. I would still like you to tell me if John has a correspondence of the twelve disciples.

It would also impress me if John could tell me why Jesus had twelve male and twelve female disciples or if he could tell me the meaning of the pods as it applied to them. If he truly has the past life memory of Jesus he would know what I mean.

Could you tell me if John has any plans to "reinstitute the mysteries of initiation"? Has he done anything with this concept yet or is it on the drawing board? Or perhaps you just assume that he will carry this out.

Matthew 16:20 is not evidence that Jesus told anyone clearly that he was the Christ. He said this right after Peter revealed to Jesus that he knew he was the Christ. The Father revealed this to Peter, not Jesus. There is no record in the Bible that Jesus ever told anyone who he was. If John is proclaiming himself as the Christ, he is following a different pattern than did Jesus.

Jesus did give hints that he was the Christ, however.

It sounds as if you may be evading answers because you just don't know. If this is the case please just say so. There is no need to be embarrassed.

I would like you to continue corresponding with me for a while longer. No matter how outlandish a claim is I always check it out. Every once in a while it pays off.

I will compliment you on this. You are doing your best to spread light as you see it even though you are dealing with a controversial subject. Even if you are wrong you are making people think.


Post Number Ninety-Two

I will probably make one more general posting on the Middle Way, then the rest will have to be done by e-mail. You need to contemplate the first principle a bit more then we'll go to the second. I am looking forward to you getting the first several so you can see the full beauty of this program.

Your switching to a different music with higher energy is symbolic of the higher energy you are tuning into with new spiritual contact.

Your other change in attitude is caused by tuning into your female energy, which is especially important for your sex [gender].

Males have a much more difficult time accepting me as a teacher. Females tune into how they feel about me whereas the males tend to challenge me more. It's a little like King Arthur and Lancelot. King Arthur had to beat him before he would follow.

I have to show the males over a period of time that I have something that they may not know before they will listen. When this is realized they will either follow or bow out.

I have several male students that were very challenging at first, but now we have a great relationship.

I know you feel good about the teachings we have been discussing. What type of soul confirmation have you received so far? If you are sincere and honest with yourself (which I believe you are) you are entitled to a verification through your soul that I am a teacher who is able to speak to your soul. Those who are successful students and are willing will also have an opportunity for service which is beyond the dreams of most. Have you had a sense of mission throughout your life?

I would like to see you finish the first key as soon as possible so you can get on to the second. I would suggest you restudy the last hints I gave you. How does the power of decision give one the power to become a God according to the Bible. It is interesting to note that the judges in the days of Moses that made decisions that guided the people were called Gods, or Eloheim -- the same Hebrew word used as in "God created the heaven and the earth."

One more question for you to contemplate:

"What are you deciding to become?"

Remember, this is the power of the Gods:

"I am becoming that which I decide to become."

I will give you one more phrase I want you to contemplate for the rest of your life:

"Keep your mind steady in the light."