2008-12-3 04:46:00

Thought I would catch up on a few questions.

Dan writes:

"Do you think it is possible to consciously explore planes/realities other than the astral (emotional) and yet retain a physical body? To state the question differently -- do you think that one can consciously choose to 'leave' one's physical body to explore any OTHER planes/realities than the astral for 'a while' and then 'come back to their physical body?

"And if so, how 'far' up the planes (etheric/physical, astral/emotional, manasic/mental, buddhic/intuitional, atmic, monadic & adic) is it likely possible to consciously explore in this manner while yet retaining a physical body?"


Exploring the worlds of form is a much different thing than exploring the formless worlds.

Astral travel can involve the astral body leaving the physical yet still being connected by the silver cord. In this case the person can do a certain amount of exploring the physical and sometimes other worlds.

A higher form of traveling is through the mental body. Here the person travels by bringing the world to him rather than going to the far places of the world. This is like sitting in your chair, not leaving your body but watching a 3D screen that takes you where you want to go.

When the seeker travels in the formless worlds he doesn't see things in the earthly sense but sees in different ways. He sees through the eyes of understanding, through the soul, through impression, through seeing principles and others. The trick for him is to register these impressions sufficiently on the physical brain so he can retrieve them in regular consciousness.

LWK quotes me as follows:

"A quantum of Shamballa energy was released back in 1994 but I was not able to take advantage of it by gathering the needed people....

"I am waiting for another release which hopefully will come soon."

LWK then asks:

"If it were to come soon how would you do any better now than in 1994? Do you have a 'gathering of the needed people'?"


Actually the one lasting product of what I did pick up of the Shamballa energy was The Immortal books. I believe these will eventually be read by millions, but just has not yet been endowed with the energy to make the breakthrough. If I am able to break into public consciousness by the time the next quantum of energy is released then I will be in a situation to take much greater advantage of it.

Before World War Two, Shamballa energy was released and even though disciples were planted in Germany to receive it, it was Hitler who took advantage of it. Unfortunately, it is easier to pick up and use for selfish purpose after it is stepped down to its lowest octave. To direct it for a higher spiritual purpose takes more internal effort and a sustained will, but when achieved the results are much more permanent than that used by materialism.

The teachings on AOL, which started in 1994, was an experiment and worked out about like I expected. I didn't plan on teaching in this format again until I achieved creating a best selling book, but Rick got me drawn into teaching here and I finally decided this was a good way to draw some necessary teachings through me -- so here I have stayed.

Larry W. asks who I was writing to in my latest post -- that she sounded fairly advanced. It was a lady named Elaine and yes, she was very spiritually sensitive. She reminded me of several ladies we have with us know and would probably fit right in. I lost contact with her and all the others, except for Rob, after I quit teaching there and went on to write "The Immortal."

The local paper finally published my article on the financial collapse. You can find it at:

It's gotten quite a bit of response, but most of them don't make much sense. They did publish my web address so that may create some extra local hits.