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One day a large meteor fell from the sky and hit the city of Casper Wyoming with great force.

It was completely destroyed.

Never in recorded history had such an event of destruction been witnessed by the civilized world.

There was virtually no warning for the meteor seemed to come out of nowhere. A few astronomers recorded it a few hours before the event and some tried to get a warning through to the government but because of bureaucratic buffoonery none of the residents of Casper had any warning at all.

The media covered the event 24/7 for the next couple weeks. Finally, after the shock died down and the nation put itself back together people went back to their normal lives.

The one thing different though was the formation of an international commission organized by the nations of the world to come up with reasons why, with our technology, we were caught off guard and recommendations for an organization to prevent such an accident in the future.

The commission found three amateur astronomers who claimed to see the meteor up to three weeks before it hit but there was amazing little warning of such a major disaster.

This smelled bad to a number of people of varied background as they began to wonder if there was some type of cover-up. Another thing that bothered them was that the whole city of Casper had a military border around it and no one seemed to be able to get through.

After a few weeks a number of conspiracy theories began to surface. The most popular ran like this:

There was no meteor. There was no real proof that one even existed. Instead, our own government destroyed Casper with an atomic bomb sent by a missile. There are witnesses and some bad film of something coming out of the skies but a careful screening of the witnesses and film seem to reveal that it was a rocket and not a meteor at all.

Some asked why in the world would the government want to destroy Casper.

The reply was that there were two reasons. First on the date it hit there was a large conference of environmentalists that were creating a problem for many in the government. All of these were conveniently eliminated.

Secondly, the nations of the world poured many billions of dollars into a project to scan the skies and destroy any meteor like this before it hits us again. It was believed that those who benefited from this money were in on the conspiracy to destroy Casper. The President's second cousin was the president of an optics company who received major anti-meteor funding. This looked very suspicious to them. In addition a number of high government officials had stock in companies that would benefit.

Finally, conspiracy theorist sneaked through the barrier with a Geiger counter and investigated the wasteland. His suspicions were confirmed when he registered a high degree of radioactivity.

The military found him and locked him in a decontamination chamber. After several days of being checked out by doctors they let him go.

He went right to the media and told all who would listen his story. He had proof an atomic bomb, not a meteor destroyed Casper and the military obviously knew about the radiation because they put him through a decontamination process. He said there needs to be a major investigation and the President and his ilk mist be prosecuted and removed.

Polls began to show that about a third of the populations believed some type of conspiracy was taking place and faith in the president and military sank to an all time low.

What was the real truth?

The truth was a meteor did destroy Casper just as the experts said. The meteor contained a large amount of uranium and also uncovered some that was below the surface of Casper so there was quite a bit of radioactivity on the remains.

The military bureaucracy wanted to thoroughly investigate the makeup of the meteor and the cause of the radioactivity before they released the details.

There was no conspiracy, but when a unique event occurs that has never been recorded in our history a number of seemingly unexplainable anomalies occur.

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