Outside or Inside?

1999-7-12 16:09:00

Chris makes a comment worthy of comment:
"If a string is plucked at a single point, it produces a fundamental vibration. It does not produce harmonics or overtones unless there is further outside interference to the string."

God does not pluck the string, but is in the string, or wavelength and adjusts the vibration by the power of decision. The infinite number of wavelengths is occupied by intelligence just as our bodies have intelligence in them (us). As the lives within the physical bodies (which is also made of wavelengths) produce harmonics and overtones so do all lives on all levels evolve through the small and great vibrating wavelengths.

The reflections of the One Great Life do all the building in the universe with their developing intelligence. The One God experiences through them and thus does He savor all experiences within the realm of possibility.