Diet Of Oxygen -- Chapter 8

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The Diet Of Oxygen

by E. T. Tennyson
a "Harvest Publication"
circa 1956


Chapter Eight

Remedies and Cures

In desperation man has tried every remedy under the sun to cure his ills, and the methods of healing today are almost numberless. While perhaps we have made some advancement since the days that "evil spirits" were blamed for all diseases, actually we have merely replaced the theory of evil spirits with the superstitious theory of "disease germs," and it is not difficult to understand why many remedies of today were doomed to failure even before they were "invented"! For no remedy on earth, even if it is radical enough to kill every "germ" in the body, could possibly cure one who is carrying in his tissues some twenty to fifty pounds of pure waste matter, and who is a walking cesspool of decayed poison and filth!

Drug Healing

Under date line July 6, 1955, the following press release says:

"Americans are the world's greatest pill takers. They pay near 50 million dollars a year to swallow about 53 million aspirins a day. They gulp nearly 230 million dollars worth of vitamin capsules annually. They order almost 400 million prescriptions a year at a cost of nearly a billion dollars...."

When we learn the simple truth that our low atmospheric pressure of oxygen is the cause of man's ills, and that most diseases are only symptoms that the body is constipated with terrible quantities of poisonous filth from over-eating non-oxygenated foods, we cannot grant too much credit to drugs! For we know the secret that sickness is a sign the body is endeavoring to eliminate poisonous wastes by body-cleaning, and when a drug is introduced to the circulation, body-cleaning stops so that the foreign matter of the drug can be eliminated if possible. Of course the sickness or symptom stops during this process, and the drug appears to have effected the cure! And perhaps it is abstinence from food during sickness that effects the cure in many cases, rather than the drug, as every other animal except man stops eating food when it is sick!

The greatest strides have been made in recent years in surgery, and by this method many lives have been saved. When we continue to eat three square meals daily of DEAD, stimulating and non-oxygenated foods throughout our lifetime, our whole system becomes constipated, and this filth may remain in our tissues for years. It may become so decayed and poisonous over the years that some part of our body actually rots from the filth around it. And when we wait this long, nothing on earth can save us but the surgeon! But other than surgery we should not expect 'miracle cures' from our doctor, and he makes no boastful claims of miracle cures. He does the best he can with the drugs he has, and the science of drug healing could not be expected to bring about miracle cures; because it knows nothing about the real cause of our ills -- our low atmospheric pressure of life-giving OXYGEN!

Drugless Healing

Drugless healing too comes in this same category! While osteopathy, chiropractic, massages, exercises, heat lamps, etc., stimulate the circulation and perhaps assist elimination, such physical treatments could never get at the real cause. All of these methods may help and relieve to a certain extent, but they could have little success until the vital importance of diet in healing is recognized! For such healers do not know we are starving for life-giving OXYGEN, and they do not know their patients are sick from terrible quantities of poisonous wastes and acids from a lifetime diet of DEAD, stimulating and non-oxygenated foods!

Divine Healing

These facts also show that little credit can be given to Mental Healing, Psychotherapy, Divine Healing, Christian Science, etc. While it is true that the condition of the mind influences the whole body, and that worry, sorrow and fear may have adverse effects on the whole system, it is dishonest to teach sick people that they can be healed by some miracle, when it is definitely untrue! Nature does not perform such instantaneous miracles! If we have filled our body with some twenty to fifty pounds of poisonous filth and we are a walking cesspool, breeding every disease under the sun, we should not expect nature to cure our disease until we have cleansed our body of the filth that caused the disease in the first place!

And it is even more dishonest, not to say pitiful, to teach sick people that they are not sick at all, when actually they are dying for the want of life-giving OXYGEN! To us, who have learned that the direct cause of disease and death is our low atmospheric pressure of oxygen, it seems rather ridiculous to pray to the Creator for perfect health and miraculous cures, particularly since this is a just penalty shared by all! All around us our fellowmen are dying from this same cause, so who are we or what have we done that we should pray to be singled out for perfect health or miraculous cures? Particularly so if we are not willing to first try to help ourselves! For how can we expect good health if we break nature's laws of eating all our life and fill our body daily with non-oxygenated processed-foods that were never destined by the Creator to be eaten by man in the first place?

Diet Healing

It is quite evident then that nature does not respond with miracle healings to mere hocus-pocus words, and that there is no such thing upon this earth as wonder cures! While no diet in existence today could give man perfect health, it is certain that diet healing has the most to offer. If everything upon this earth is half starved for life-giving oxygen, and if man's ills are due to poisonous filth from completely DEAD, non-oxygenated foods, certainly a diet of LIVING and chlorophyll-impregnated foods could be the only meritorious remedy!


It must be remembered that only nature cures and heals -- and to this every honest doctor will agree -- and nature can heal or cure only when the body is clean! But we must not look for miracles! Every pound of filth, poisonous acid and fat must be removed from the system before nature even starts to heal. This is a slow process, and may take months, even years, on the diet of oxygenated foods. And we can readily understand why we may feel worse for many days before nature starts to heal and we feel better. In fact, we should expect any chronic or latent disease to become worse during the reducing diet, for the poisonous filth that caused the disease in the first place is being removed by body-cleaning, and this shocks the system and stirs up the old chronic disease. But the filth must be removed and the blood must be purified before nature even starts to heal the old chronic disease!

In the former theory of "metabolism" it was believed that fat-producing, high-protein foods were necessary daily for continual replacement of albumin in the blood, and when albumin was found in the urine the patient was immediately placed on a strict diet of high-protein foods to replace the albumin lost! It was further believed that the excess fat from the high-protein foods was "stored nourishment," and that the body would use the excess fat when it had need of it. The simple truth is, the patient had too much albumin in the first place, and his body was merely eliminating it through the kidneys. And we are finally learning that excess fat is pure filth -- watery flesh, partly decomposed -- and rather than ever use this filthy fat as nourishment, the body is desperately trying to eliminate it from the system. Whatever the body eliminates is excess filth, and when anything is eliminated it is proof that the body has too much of it, not too little.

The reducing diet of oxygenated foods will eventually eliminate this filth, and such quantities of filth as one has never seen! Other than the great quantities of sticky phlegm from the throat and nose, the tremendous amount of filth thrown into the urine by the kidneys would be alarming if we did not know the reason for it! And it keeps coming until we actually wonder how we ever lived with such terrible quantities of filth in our body! But it must all go before nature starts her healing process! While we should watch our weight carefully until we are down to normal, we can ignore all so-called "standard height and weight charts." Perhaps from five to twenty pounds should be deducted from all such charts, as they are all overweight.

The Body X-Ray

Other than weight measurement, nature has provided us with a natural "X-ray" that measures the quantities of filth, fat and waste matter in the system far more accurately than could be done by the most expensive X-ray apparatus yet made. And that natural body X-ray is the coated tongue! After a few days on the Diet of Oxygen the tongue will become heavily coated with filth, and it may take a year, two years, or even longer, on the oxygenated foods, to cleanse the body and purify the blood, depending on the condition of the body in the beginning, and we must put up with the coated tongue during this whole time. And the more waste matter, fat and acid we have in our system, the greater will be the coating on the tongue, for the coated tongue is nature's X-ray to give us a true picture of the terrible quantity of filth we have stored up in our system since childhood. The filth on the tongue cannot be removed until it is removed from the entire system.

This fact definitely proves that all non-oxygenated, waste-forming and acid-forming foods are stimulating foods only; for always on the morning after an evening of too many alcoholic drinks one must suffer the discomforts of the headache, the bad taste and the coated tongue! And the more the drinks, the thicker the coat on the tongue! This is the sign nature is working hard in the process of body-cleaning to remove the stimulates of alcohol from the system, exactly as the coated tongue during the months or years of a diet is nature's X-ray to show she is working to remove the terrible stimulates of meat products, milk products, eggs, starch foods and unnatural sweets we have poured into our system since we were children. If we have been on a wild food-drunk since youth, we must pay with the headache, the bad taste and the coated tongue for months or even years, exactly as the drinker must pay on the morning after!

Of course if the discomforts of "sobering-up" are so great on the morning after that one takes on more alcoholic drinks, his headache, bad taste and coated tongue will temporarily disappear. And if our discomforts of sobering up on the Diet of Oxygen become so disagreeable that we take on a "square meal" of stimulating foods, our headache, bad taste and coated tongue will temporarily disappear! For "bowel elimination" must then set in to remove the new stimulates, causing body-cleaning to stop and the tongue to clear up, as nature only uses the coated tongue as an X-ray to show that body-cleaning is in progress. But as the sobering-up day of reckoning must either come to the drinker or he will become a dead alcoholic, just so the sobering-up day of reckoning will surely come to the food-drunkard; for either he will suffer the discomforts of the headache, bad taste and the coated tongue of a long sobering-up diet, or he will eventually suffer a life of disease and early death!

Thus nature has given us a body X-ray, and by looking at the picture on its tongue-screen each morning we are able to see the exact condition of our body. For if the tongue-screen is covered with a filthy coat each morning after a night of body-cleaning, we can be sure our whole system is filled with this very filth. And the body X-ray will tell us just how long we must stick to a very strict, cleansing diet of oxygenated foods; for its tongue-screen will show the filthy coat each morning until the body is clean and the blood is pure, and this may take months or even years. For the closer one sticks to the oxygenated foods of the Diet of Oxygen the sooner his system will be cleansed.

And the filthy coat will show up on the body X-ray of the slender person the same as the one who is overweight; for the slender person who follows a diet of mostly stimulating foods may be more constipated with poisonous acid from meat, eggs and milk than the one who is overweight from a diet of mostly stimulating starch or sweet foods. And the slender person will find the same terrible quantities of cloudy, poisonous filth thrown into the urine by the kidneys as the person who is fat. For when the body is re-vitalized with life-giving oxygen from the oxygenated foods, and the cleansing process starts from the green, purifying chlorophyll, the system starts to loosen and throw off great quantities of acid and poisonous filth we have poured into it throughout our entire lifetime. And this cleansing process will continue as long as the Diet of Oxygen is followed, until every trace of the filth is removed from the tissues of the body and the blood stream.

Only then will the tongue clear up, and only then will nature start to heal. We must not look for relief from our old chronic diseases until the system is clean and the blood is pure. Nature has only one way of healing diseased parts of the body, and that one way is to dissolve the poisonous virus with purifying chlorophyll and re-vitalize the diseased tissues with life- giving oxygen from the blood! The blood of the average person today contains almost everything but life-giving oxygen and purifying chlorophyll, and we can understand why almost every person past middle age has one or more chronic or latent diseases!

Our modern diet of stimulating, non-oxygenated meat, milk, eggs, starch foods and unnatural sweets pollutes the blood with acids, fats and waste matter, and the blood carries this poisonous filth to every tissue of the body. While a young and healthy body can stand such abuse for awhile, by the time middle age is reached it usually takes its toll in rheumatism, gout, arthritis, diabetes, Bright's disease or some other chronic ailment. And since our system fights off the disease during the long years we punish it with a diet of stimulating and non-oxygenated foods, we can understand that our system must be thoroughly cleansed with an extended diet of oxygenated and chlorophyll-impregnated foods before it can even start to heal the chronic diseases. For all wastes in the system must be carried off and the blood must be rebuilt before it can dissolve the virus of disease with purifying chlorophyll and revitalize the diseased tissues with life-giving oxygen.

If one is to benefit from the Diet of Oxygen then, it is evident he is in for a long siege, and perhaps only the strong of heart will endure. For other than the discomforts that go with the diet, we can understand how very difficult it is for one in a family to follow a diet when regular food must be prepared for all others of the household. And while this makes the diet quite difficult, it is still not the worst part of it; for every well-meaning one in the household will advise against the diet, and advise quite vehemently! And particularly when the discomforts and ills from the diet set in! We say "well-meaning" because they will mean well, as they have no conception whatever of diet or of its effect upon the health of the body, and they honestly believe that meat, eggs, milk, starchy and unnatural sweet foods make the ideal diet for man, and don't be surprised if they threaten to call the doctor or even the insane asylum.

The only advice we can give is to be tolerant, never fanatic, and follow the diet as much as possible, without fanfare or "preaching" about it, and without arousing too much antagonism! For it would be much wiser, we believe, to eat a meal of meat or other non-oxygenated foods now and then, than to antagonize the whole family. For the Diet of Oxygen is a health diet, not a vegetarian diet of religious fanatics, and it is far better to break the diet now and then, even if it takes longer to cleanse the system, than to antagonize members of our family and turn them completely against the diet. For as progress is made with the Diet of Oxygen, those around you cannot fail to see its tremendous benefits, and their antagonism will melt away. And while they may be too ashamed to admit it, they too will start changing over to the oxygenated fruits and vegetables!

Our consumption of fruits and vegetables has increased tremendously in recent years, and it is this alone that has improved health and increased the life span, not the modern vaccines and wonder drugs, as many today believe. These oxygenated foods can be bought at reasonable prices the year around, and other than the above mentioned discomforts and difficulties, the oxygenated foods make a delightful diet. After one's body has been cleansed of its terrible filth and his craving for stimulating food ceases, he will thoroughly relish food for the very first time in his life! Non-oxygenated and stimulating meat, milk, eggs, starch foods and unnatural sweets deaden one's senses of taste and smell, exactly like the stimulates of alcohol, and when he gets these stimulates out of his blood stream his senses of taste and smell return with renewed vigor, and for the first time in his whole life he will be able to really taste and smell good food! His eating will become a whole new world of experience, and he will enjoy fruits, cooked vegetables and green salads as he never dreamed was possible to enjoy food before!

We can see then that nature supplies the only remedy upon this earth that has any assurance of success. If man is starving for life-giving oxygen and smothering from bodily filth, only the Diet of Oxygen could give him cleansing chlorophyll to dissolve the poisonous filth, and vital oxygen to rebuild diseased tissues. While it would be next to impossible to follow a strict diet of oxygenated foods under present conditions today, the facts prove that a reducing diet of less non-oxygenated foods can almost perform miracles! We can only do the best we can about following the diet under the difficulties of today, and in the next chapter of this book we will list a suggested "sobering-up" or "reducing diet" that will be safe and sure, even if we have been on a wild drunk of stimulating foods throughout the long years of a lifetime!


-- End Of Chapter Eight --