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Why would balance be so essential to the disciple and why would a balanced nature often bring conflict?

Almost all people, with the exception of high disciples and adepts, swing back and forth like pendulums and only take a passing peek at the true midway point as they swing by it. It is the nature of almost all people to want to take a particular side, left or right, black or white, born again or new age.

What is the reason for this? Because they do not have to think. When a particular side is taken there is always a special set of answers peculiar to that side. When one extreme or the other is embraced then one does not have to make any decisions or do any thinking. Everything has been pre-formulated.

Because of this tendency to take a side where formula answers exist, the majority of people turn into extremists. Yet there are so many on each side of the extreme, the extremes seem normal. When the extreme seems normal the one who has balance seems to be the extreme.

Here is an example:
Many people in all religions believe that only this planet supports life. This belief is maintained even though it is only one little orb in this universe of billions of galaxies with billions of star systems. All the lights in the sky are just for us to look at and enjoy. When you think of it this is indeed an extreme view not supported by logical or balanced thought.

Many religions believe that a simple declaration of faith will suddenly make them enamored in the eyes of God. He will prepare a blissful place for them for eternity, while more pleasant people who do not make the declaration, will suffer untold torture for eternity. Does this idea seem balanced or extreme when you think about it?

Many religious people believe that the earth and universe is only 6-10,000 years old. They continue to believe this even though there are mountains of evidence against it, including the fact that we have spotted galaxies whose light has taken sixteen billion years to reach us.

Metaphysical and new age people laugh at the religious extreme, but how about them? Are they also affected? Let's take a look. Many believe they are somehow immortal or at least just about immortal. Why? Merely because they believe it to be so or some alien (Zor) is coming to transform them. The question is why would the aliens pick them over a bunch of ranchers in Grangeville, Idaho? Or why would a mere act of belief make them immortal any more than the born againers belief will cart him off to heaven?

Perhaps we have extremes on both sides of the belief system.

Many believe every teaching they come across that claims to be channeled, even if one teaching contradicts another teaching. I have met New Agers who believe some channeled material that teaches reincarnation, for example, and then also believe other material that teaches that it is not true. Is it extreme to believe that two opposing doctrines are both correct? Verily, yes - unless there is some good explanation that tells us of a misunderstanding.

Many believe that they have escaped the world of duality and live beyond polarity in bliss and oneness. But when you think about it your body as well as the earth around us is created out of duality. If we really escape duality then our bodies, this earth and universe would disappear as A Course in Miracles teaches. If we still see the world around us then we are still in duality.

Isn't it extreme to believe that we are not affected by duality? Yes again. If you do not believe me stick your hand in boiling water and see if the duality affects you. Ask yourself why you even live in a house or apartment that protects you from the dualities of wind, rain and cold.

Thus we see that there are extremists on both sides. What happens when a balanced person looks at both sides, makes an independent, logical conclusion and tells them his opinion? If he tells the religious one that he is not saved any more than any other decent person, such a one will often become angry. Is the religious one angry because of an extreme position, or a balanced one? What happens when a balanced one tells a New Ager that he has not escaped the polarities or that he is not on his last life or that he is not yet immortal? Again the extremist will become angry at a balanced point of view.

We can see that balance in the disciple often leads to the path of high resistance. Much discipline and perseverance is needed to plow through the strange teachings before a small path of real truth is open to view.

Now we present quality eighteen:

(18) Understanding and making efficient use of time

How can we become more efficient in time management?
How can we avoid wasting time?
Is it possible to perform more than one task at a time?
What is the principle behind the Sabbath of rest?