Lords of Karma

2008-9-2 04:49:00

JohnC asked the question:  are there really such beings as the Lords of Karma or is this term just a personification of a natural universal principle at work?

If the principle behind karma is cause-and-effect, then it would seem like we wouldn't have the need for higher beings to step in and make sure that the principles of karma are being carried out. This is true on the physical plane to a high degree. For instance, in matter we have a reaction that is an equal and opposite reaction to gravity. If you drop a ball, gravity pulls on it and the ball falls and bounces due to cause-and-effect. If you throw something up in the air cause-and-effect will cause it to come back down again. The point I'm making is cause-and-effect on the physical plane is very predictable. But this is not the case on emotional and mental planes. For instance you can hurt somebody's feelings and not even be aware of it. The normal cause-and-effect that we are used to on the physical plane doesn't play out so precisely on the emotional plane. There are emotional ups and downs that we cause in other people's lives but there not an exact feedback that happens when actions are created on the physical plane.

Therefore an active intelligence has to step in and make sure that effect happens on a higher plane with justice so karma is carried out the way it should be. If higher lives didn't step in and make sure that karma was fair than karma would not be carried out with justice and exactness. To make sure cause and effect are balanced out with justice there are many high lives at work. Those who are the supervisors of these many lower beings are called the Lords of Karma. The Lords of Karma exist at a high station and overlook the human race and the Earth as a whole and then delegate the nuts and bolts work to myriads of beings to make sure that emotional and mental causes create the appropriate effects.

Because intelligence exists throughout the universe, cause is balanced by opposing effects.

It looks like Hurricane Gustav did hit New Orleans but the impact was not nearly as bad as it was last time. Hopefully the prayers of the people will prevent further devastation and the worst part of Sharon's prophecy will not come true. It's quite remarkable however that she predicted New Orleans would be hit twice and it was indeed hit twice.

Unfortunately, there are two additional hurricanes coming to this country still has to worry about. I think Duke's idea of saying the Song of the 144,000 while sending thoughts to diffuse the hurricanes was a good one.

Now John stepped forward and made an interesting prophecy that Sarah Palin will be off the ticket by the end of the week. I don't have any revelation one way or another on the matter but this seems highly unlikely to me. It won't take long to find out whether or not this prediction comes true. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on John's part. I know that some of the far left websites are spreading the rumors that she has some skeletons in her closet. For instance, some have said that her down syndrome baby is not hers but really belongs to her daughter. This would be quite a feat since there are numerous photographs of her being pregnant with child before the baby was born. She would've really had to have gone out of her way to create a facade like this, especially considering that she is a public figure.

I was pleased to see Barack Obama is saying something positive today. When some of his party were attacking Sarah Palin's daughter for being pregnant, he stepped forward and stated the press should have a hands-off policy on family -- especially children.