Muscle Testing

2008-7-11 05:23:00

Just a few notes on muscle testing which has been a current topic of conversation.

This uses the same principle as the pendulum. I was first introduced to pendulums while double dating with my friend Wayne way back in the Sixties.

While we were entertaining the girls, Wayne fetched a needle and thread and said we could use it to tell how many kids we would have, and whether they would be boys or girls. He threaded the needle and told one of the girls to hold out her left and hold the needle with here right hand. If the needle turned or spun clockwise this signaled a boy, and counterclockwise was a girl. He said the needle would keep going until all the future kids would be revealed. Sure enough the needle moved and stopped and moved again until it revealed she would have three kids and whether they would be boys or girls.

We all did this and it looked like all of us was going to have a number of kids. I don't remember what my results were, but we had fun predicting the future, and I was left wondering where Wayne had picked up such a procedure.

What I discovered over time is that the pendulum does not use a supernatural source but does tap into subconscious minds. If the information in our brain programming is accurate then it can reveal some accurate data, but can rarely predict the future with accuracy.

Even so muscle testing can reveal information about the body and its needs that are not readily available to the conscious self.

I found though muscle testing does not work that well on me unless I let go and go with the flow. I remember the first time someone tried the principle on me.

A friend approached me and some friends and said that white sugar was so destructive that just holding some in your hand will weaken you. He had a guy next to me hold out his hand and told him to resist his push. He then pushed his hand downward and it seemed to take a lot of effort on his part to move his arm in that direction. Next he put some sugar in his hand and pushed again. This time the hand went down with ease.

I then told him to try this in me. He again tried pushing my arm down with no sugar and the results were similar to the other guy. Then he put some sugar in my hand and pushed again. This time to his surprise my resistance was not weakened but the same as when I had no sugar in my hand.

He acted like this was not supposed to happen and I figured at the time that people were just influenced by the power of suggestion and since I wasn't much influenced by it his test didn't have much effect on me.

I go to a chiropractor once in a while and he does muscle testing on his patients. The first couple times he did them on me we didn't get very satisfactory results, but then I thought that since I was paying for it I should seek to cooperate. I relaxed and dropped my mental barriers and tuned into my instincts and the results seemed to improve though I cannot guarantee they were 100% accurate.

On the other hand my wife swears by muscle testing and has a lot of faith when applied to her.


"The safest course is to do nothing against one's conscience. With this secret, we can enjoy life and have no fear from death."
  -- Voltaire (1694 - 1778)


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