Re(2): A Few Good Initiates

2008-7-5 08:06:00

Quoting JJ from an earlier post, Larry writes:

"'DK [Djwhal Khul] tells us that at the end of our evolution on earth 60% of humanity will achieve a degree of enlightenment necessary to move on and 40% will have to return to another earth like this for more schooling.'"

Larry then continues with:

"In Matthew it seems that this event of the separation of those who will go on in progression from those who must go back to repeat their lessons will happen when 'the Son of man shall come in his glory' which most understand to be the 'Second Coming,' or the return of Christ predicted at the end of the age (not millions of years in the future)."


There is a gathering of some kind at the beginning of each new age, but the end of our evolution on earth will not happen at the beginning or the end of the Aquarian Age. Human life and evolution on the earth has millions of years left before it becomes impractical for man to remain here.


"Given the principle of cycles then this event most likely happens many times in the evolution of humanity, and at different levels, just like any normal school with many grades. So in principle a 'separation event' could happen in the relatively near future at the return of Christ and could happen again in the distant future at a different level."

"Personally I give a fair amount of credence to the prediction in Matthew for this event to occur at the return of Christ."


I agree that Matthew gives a good picture of the end of the Piscean Age and the beginning of the Aquarian and the separation of the wheat from the tares which happens periodically.

However the end of our evolution here will happen only once, and when it does the will be a final division. The majority will go on to higher evolution and the rest will have to repeat "the earth class" on another earth-like planet.

[In a follow-on message posted on the same date to The Keys Of Knowledge spiritual discussion group, JJ Dewey responded to additional comments made by Larry subsequent to the above:]


"I take the above as an agreement with the main point I was making. That point was that Matthew was correct and there will be a 'judgment' at the coming of Christ where some will be allowed to continue on in progression here, and others (those portrayed as the 'goats' in Matthew 25) will go somewhere else to get another chance."



Those of lower vibration will just not be able to incarnate for the symbolic 1000 years of peace, but when "the devil" is released again (which is symbolic of mankind embracing destructive ideas) then they will incarnate again. Almost all the souls presently connected with the earth will stay linked to it until the end of our evolution, though both the good and the bad will go through cycles where they do not incarnate depending on what is happening and opportunities available.


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