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Quoting a previous message and archived article, JA writes:

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"'At what initiation does the Labors of Hercules begin? That is if the labors are connected to an initiation and if they are, do the labors always begin in the same sign and then I mean the beginning and end? Like do they always begin in Aries and then the reverse takes over and that would make the next life in Pisces and then the life after that in Aquarius. Or is there no set rule?'


"'I believe he labors begin after the Third Initiation and end with the Fifth. Clockwise through the Zodiac is Pisces-Aquarius-Sagittarius, etc. Counterclockwise is:  Aries-Taurus-Gemini. The labors always begin in Aries. Sometimes it will take more than one life to complete a labor and all lives that work to complete a labor may not take place in the sign of the labor though the first attempt usually will be."'
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JA then quotes from another article entitled 'Foundation Stones':

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"'It is interesting that some old texts associate these stones with the twelve signs of the Zodiac. It is also interesting that the essence of each sign can be reduced to a characteristic that a disciple must possess to obtain the Kingdom of God.

"'Here are the signs that correspond to the stones with the divine quality:

"'1. Jasper - Pisces - Sacrifice
"'2. Sapphire - Aquarius - Service
"'3. Capricorn - Chalcedony - Perseverance
"'4. Emerald - Sagittarius - Expansion
"'5. Sardonyx - Scorpio - Acceptance
"'6. Sardius (or Carnelian) - Libra - Judgment
"'7. Chrysolite - Virgo - Nurturing
"'8. Beryl - Leo - Courage
"'9. Topaz - Cancer - Secure
"'10. Chrysoprasus - Gemini - Progressive
"'11. Jacinth - Taurus - Stability
"'12. Amethyst - Aries - Initiative

"'The curious thing about the order of the stones as associated with the Zodiac is that its order is exactly reversed.

"'Why is this?

"'Students of esoteric astrology will realize the answer on this. As the pilgrim goes through a long series of lives he follows the path of least resistance and generally progresses clockwise through the Zodiac as he is reborn on the earth again and again. When he finally becomes a disciple he then takes the path less traveled on and changes course. He then progresses counterclockwise through the Zodiac and performs the twelve Labors of Hercules, or a great labor in each of the signs through a series of twelve lives.'"
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JA then writes:

"I notice that the order of the clockwise direction through the zodiac is Pisces-Aquarius-Sagittarius with Capricorn missing. Why is that?

"This seems to contradict what you wrote in 2006.

" I had some questions in The Keys Of Knowledge Message #35400 that I would like to have addressed:

"If you face your Dweller for the first time in, say, Aquarius and finish the Third Initiation then is is possible to be born in the next lifetime in Aries thus skipping the signs in between?

"When are you going to post the podcasts on the 12 Labors of Hercules? Soon I hope."


It's easy to get something backwards here. Reverse, or counterclockwise, through the Zodiac is the orthodox order. The stones were listed in reverse the regular order but clockwise through the Zodiac. I should rewrite that last paragraph to make it more accurate.


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