Re: Groups & Fears (Off Topic)

2008-5-28 05:21:00

My Friends,

I've been very busy so I'll just make a few comments.

Glad to see the group keeping interesting dialog going even when I do not have time to post. Matthew's post on his struggle with his illness touched my heart. I'm glad my advice was of some assistance and wish I could do more. I would like to reach out and touch his beautiful soul and make him whole.

This earth is a tough school we are in, especially at certain stages of our journey. There are certain lessons that are painful to learn but that which has been learned through painful experience, when following the highest one knows, will be indelibly impressed upon the soul so the pilgrim will be a master of the wisdom involved for his lifetimes of struggle to come.

I'm familiar with struggles of a number of people in this group and my heart also goes out to them. One odd thing that seems to help somehow is that none of us struggle or suffers alone. Each of us has six lives where we have all the struggle and problems we can handle. For some it is illness, others depression and still others just face a mountain of problems demanding a solution. Sometimes we look at carefree successful people and wish our lives were like there's, but often we do not realize the inner struggles they face. Take one of my favorite actors, Owen Wilson. You can't find a more happy go lucky person who is also very successful, but seemingly, out of the blue, he tried to kill himself. I never did find out what his problem was but obviously he had a big one.

Six out of seven of us have all the problems we can handle. Some just handle the problems a little better than others. Then one life out of seven we have a Sabbath of rest where we live a life that is relatively free from trouble. Even here we sometimes are so programmed to have trouble that we may sabotage this life of rest. If therefore you sense that you are on your Sabbath life take advantage of it. Have fun and rest and get ready for the lives to come.