Soul Versus Personality

2008-5-24 05:05:00

Ruth writes:

"Didn't you say though, in the past, that when one falls in love, its because they first feel/see the soul of another, and then later on start to see the personality, and then can fall out of love, but to stay in love, one must always put focus on the soul of the other person?

"Now you say that the soul infused person will find personality relationships to have little value or attraction."


My teachings have been consistent on this. The soul infused personality keeps his mind centered in the light; has removed illusions that block the view of the soul, and is ever conscientious about following the soul.

Even though the personality-centered person is polarized in the lower nature he is still under the influence of stepped-down soul energy. Soul energy is stepped-down an octave or two and manifests as romantic love and other feelings in the emotional body.

Even though the personality-centered person does not actively seek soul energy and is not polarized in it he can open the door to the unfettered soul through unselfish love for another person. Thus the average person can fall in love and in that state see only the good, the beautiful, and the true for long enough to manifest the love of the soul.

Because he or she is not soul infused he will shift out of the soul and deal with his mate on a personality level most of the time. Their relationship will depend on similarity of interests (more than soul energy) to keep them together, even though love may open the door to the soul from time-to-time.


"So if someone who becomes or is soul infused falls in love with a person that they loved before in a past life, and had created an energy link with that person, who may not be soul infused, that this relationship will then have little value or attraction and will fail?"


Yes, it generally will fail and the person who will be most frustrated will be the personality-centered one. He or she will feel their soul infused mate is stubborn and does not love and respect him/her and become more angry and bitter until the relationship collapses. This person cannot handle the fact that his mate does not deviate from soul purpose.


"Will or can the relationship still fail, if the soul infused person keeps their attention on the soul of the personality focused person that feel back in love with via that energy link?"


If the personality-centered person cannot be jolted back into the soul from time-to-time, the relationship will fail. The soul infused person should have a mate who is sensitive to soul energy or the relationship will be a nightmare and he would be better off to remain single. Two personality people can be successfully married if their interests and values are similar.


"Before I met my husband, I'd never fallen in love, though I'd stepped in it a few times."
  -- Rita Rudner


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