Spiritual Principle 67 -- Like Attracts Like

2008-5-14 03:31:00

Principle 67 -- Like Attracts Like

In the first post in this series of article on this spiritual principle, JJ Dewey began by asking the following questions:

Why does this principle work?

Give three examples of where this principle applies.

Does the fact that opposites seem to attract contradict this principle?

What does this principle have to do with rewards you will receive between lives and your next life?

In a follow-on message Number 35099, entitled "Opposites," dated May 15, 2008, posted to The Keys Of Knowledge Spiritual Discussion Group, JJ Dewey added the following comments to this topic:

Good comments on the latest principle "Like Attracts Like." I like the name given to it by "SH" which is "The Principle of Affinity." This is an excellent name for this principle.

There is another principle involved that I touched upon earlier which, on the surface, seems to contradict this principle. It is that oftentimes things that are seemingly opposite attract. What is the principle behind this phenomena?

What would be the best name for this principle?

How are these two principles work together?