Residual Reading

2008-3-21 02:28:00

Good to hear from you again Rick.

Interesting take. I use the same method and it's a little like the residual reading principle taught in my book "Eternal Words." Often times I do not even need to see the book but just hear the name of the author and the quality of his writing and presentation looms before my inner vision. This has happened many times and it has been very accurate.

When I first heard the name Alice A. Bailey I knew I had to read her books even though, as it turned out, they went entirely against my belief system at the time.

You might remember a couple years ago I rated the writings of Helen Roerich before I had read anything she had written. I later read a couple of her books and found my assessment accurate.

When I first heard the title "A Course in Miracles" I felt the impression that this was a must read.

I had impressions of "Celestine Prophecy,"   "Conversations with God," Deepak Chopra, Gary Zukav, and now Eckhart Tolle before I read them, and they have all turned out just as expected. Since I have little time for reading I find these impressions help me to use what time I have to the best advantage.

After our recent discussion on economics I received an impression to read a certain book. It cost me fifty USD dollars but I bought it anyway because I know there are some things in there my soul wants me to absorb. I haven't started it yet, but looking forward to the discoveries I will make.

I hear some thoughts in the background. What's that? My mind was made up on Tolle in advance and that is why I am not understanding him? No my friends, it is why I do understand him and see things between his lines that you are missing.