Re: (Off Topic) - One Last Comment

2008-3-20 14:41:00

The problem here Susan is you do not seem to register what I see as the differences. I agree with all you post below but it does not come close to identifying the differentiation I was getting at. As I always say I wish members to comment on what I do say, not on what I do not say.

Yes, DK [Djwhal Khul], Tolle and myself all talk of the advantages of "Being." That has never been in dispute. The difference between Tolle and myself is not that he believes in Being and I do not -- far from it. The difference is he subscribes to the basic tenet of the "Nothingness Philosophy" and I do not. Go back and look at the difference in approach between Paul Yu and myself and you'll find that many of those differences will apply to Tolle and myself. In fact, I'd be willing to bet that Paul Yu would agree with most of Tolles teachings. He would certainly lean much more toward Tolle than me. This bet would apply to all the other Nothingness people who have ever been on the list. The only one I know that remains is Dean and he has expressed harmony with Tolle.

Here is the basic difference:

Tolle believes the created world is basically a source of pain that seems to serve no purpose except we need to escape from it. When we do this world and all its effects will be as if it never was. In the end we will be as we were in the beginning so we came here for nothing and all creation exists for no purpose except to escape from.

Both DK [Djwhal Khul] and myself see it differently. First, the goal is not to escape until we have fulfilled the goals of experience here. It is detrimental for the average person to focus on leaving this world before he has gained the experience he came here to attain. When we do go from precept to precept and line upon line until we do master all things and creation folds up creation is not as if it never was. DK describes the great pralaya as "not as that which is not, but that which is esoteric." That which we take with is "the quality of conscious knowledge and he fruit of all experience."

This cannot happen in Tolle's Nothingness Philosophy because he says that when all is said and done the world of creation with all us egos will be as if it never was.

DK talks about the first solar system and even though it is no more in the world of form he talks frequently of how its past existence still has a powerful effect on our present. Tolle says that only the present matters.

From Tolle's perspective it should have no effect since it has gone to the Unmanifest.

The problem of Tolle placing so much emphasis on the fruitlessness of this world is that many followers will put premature attention on escape and wind up being of no use to God and man, similar to Tolle during he two years he spent on a park bench just dreaming of otherworldliness. It's a good thing some well meaning souls still in this world gave him some scraps to eat.

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