2008-3-17 13:51:00

My Friends,

It may seem that strange things are going on lately. Longstanding members and friends strongly reacting, being unreasonable, having hurt feelings, quitting, etc.

Not only this but many members are having unusual struggles in their own lives that make them wonder if God is either testing them or trying to discourage them.

In addition to this many including Dan have had a strong desire to help the work and the writings be successful and have done all in their power to help and nothing much has seemed to happen. Some of you are impatient thinking that the work needs to get jump started soon or we'll all be too old to make a difference.

All this tension tells me that we are approaching a point of tension where a major step forward will happen. Now I will not give a timeline but one thing we know for sure is we are about ten years closer to the mark than when we started this forum. We are a little like Edison who after 10,000 failures to create a light bulb said he had not failed, but had identified 10,000 things that did not work so there are just a few more to go. And he was correct.

We have laid a great foundation with the books and the archives. When the teachings acquire national attention we will have a tremendous base to keep their attention.

Just imagine the potency that Eckhart Tolle would have if he had an archive base that we have and such diligent webmasters as Bryan and Melva? His readers have to wait for his next book that they will have to pay for or shell out several hundred dollars for a lecture. We have millions of words waiting for seekers free of charge. All who thirst can drink of the waters of life freely.

The time of the teachings getting national attention will come and when it does the timing will be as it should be and it will happen because I will continue. I will keep moving ahead with whatever it takes until I hit the right button with the public or I am picked up by a big name publisher. Because I will endure to the consummation we will succeed even if I need to continue over to my next life - though I expect much results in this one.

The big drawback of coming back is that I could not claim my own writings of the past without coming across as a crackpot, so I'd have to give out some new ones to reestablish credibility.

No matter what happens all is never lost and efforts are not in vain. If we were to all die tomorrow we would take with us the seeds of the principles we have learned and shared and begin anew in a different place and time until our joy is full and our vision is one.

Meanwhile, do not forget to say the "Song of the 144,000." It will assist us in being stable in the inner light.


Word for the Day


"The concept of money as an abstract social power entrenched in law - a legal power or essence. In Aristotle's 'NOMISMA' Aristole explains 'nomisma.'

"Money in Greece came to be known by the word NOMISMA because it attained its authority by law (or binding custom) which in Greek is 'nomos.' Aristotle (384-322 BC) gave the culmination of Greek thought and experimentation on money:

"'All goods must therefore be measured by some one thing...now this unit is in truth, demand, which holds all things together...but money has become by convention a sort of representative of demand; and this is why it has the name nomisma - because it exists not by nature, but by law (nomos) and it is in our power to change it and make it useless.'

"And he continues:

"'Now the same thing happens to money itself as to goods - it is not always worth the same; yet it tends to be steadier...money then acting as a measure makes goods commensurate and equates them... There must then be a unit, and that fixed by agreement' (Ethics 1133).

"As a member of the Delphic priesthood, Plutarch recounts (in 100 AD) the first documented attempt to establish a 'nomisma' money system, by Lycurgus of Sparta in the 8th century BC."

(From "The Science of Money" by Stephen Zarlenga)