Re: Examining Tolle

2008-3-14 14:08:00


"I am not offended JJ, it simply saddens me (personality wise) to have to say that I think your mind has strayed out of the light a bit.

"Not because we disagree, you should know me better than that, but because never before have I known you to make ANY statements without first being sure of your facts and in this case you have made many."


Looks like you are forcing me to defend my good name here. I am busy right now but I will shortly make a post giving exact quotes from Tolle to defend what I have said. Hopefully this will clear up the idea that I have not just spoken superficially.


"I am not going to list them for you, I have done all I can in that regard and see no point in continuing the conversation -- even if I'm right, it is unlikely to do any good anyway, unless you can recognize them for yourself.

"Just tell me you have verified this through your soul via the oneness principle and are without doubt. Then I will have followed my highest, you will have followed your highest and we can go skipping off into the sunset."


Verified what through my soul? You would need to be specific here. It is verified through my soul that Tolle is not 100 percent accurate, but so what and who is?

Let me say this. I think that if you and I were to read one of his books together where we are processing the same information that we would see the same truths. The problem with Tolle in relation to other teachers I have commented on is this. In the past I have given exact quotes and made comments. I did not have the text from "New Heaven and Earth" and spoke from memory and you probably had not much of an idea as to which parts of the book gave me the impressions I received.

In the future in talking of his teachings I'll attempt to find quotes from him to avoid confusion. I had no idea I was wandering into such a spiritual minefield here.