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2008-3-10 13:36:00

Note to Blayne and Larry

Both Larry and Blayne have withdrawn from the economic discussion. I'm glad to see, however, that Blayne is remaining a member of the list. I assume that if a future subject is enough interest to him that he will join in. I want to stress that he is welcome to do this anytime.

I also want to invite Larry to rejoin. I see no reason for him to quit us entirely after all these years of stimulating association. Friends and associates are certainly allowed to disagree on one or more issues and remain friends and associates.

Now Susan saw the issues in a similar vein as Blayne and Larry, but she is staying and participating and as far as I can tell holds no negativity toward me or the group. This is as it should be between friends who cannot quite see eye-to-eye.

Even though I disagree with Larry and Blayne on several issues I have great respect for their intelligence and for them as people. In the past both have taken my side on various subjects and believe me they really help the case I am making when this happens.

Both of these individuals have a little different emphasis in their approach. Blayne has a passion and honesty that is rare. If you haven't gotten to know him as a person a reader may be so intimidated that he would almost be scared to meet him in person. Indeed when he first challenged me I thought that the sooner this guy goes away the better.

But then we reached agreement on several items and our conversation turned friendly. Then I met him in person and discovered that below a sometimes harsh exterior is a much softer warmer side that can have a friendly detached approach when conflict is off the table.

I concluded that this is a guy that is a real asset to have on your side, but a liability to have him against you.

Now Larry is in many ways the opposite. When he joined the list he was supportive and in the background and it took a while to notice him and appreciate his intelligence.

He has strong feelings, but under normal times he will keep them in check and stay on as mental level as possible.

Larry and his loveable wife Robyn have come to most of the gatherings and in all cases the experience was better because of their presence. A couple times they have brought their children and rarely have I seen more well-behaved and nicer kids.

When Larry and I have met in person we have never came close to a harsh word, but I have only fond memories of our interplay. He's also a fun person to have a beer or glass of wine with.

That said I am looking forward to keeping the friendship of both these individuals and hope to again gain their respect and find agreement on this subject of economics, which is very important to them.

I am looking forward to writing a full-blown treatise on the subject where many of the blanks are filled in concerning my thoughts. One of the problems that we have had so far is about half of the objections to my teachings on the subject are not even my teachings, but a misunderstanding of them. For instance, parts of the parables were interpreted to be a part of the "my plan" when they had nothing to do with any plan but merely elements to portray several overriding principles.

Those in the group who did not have a strong view of asset or gold backed money saw what I was attempting to teach, but those who hold strongly to this view will automatically disagree with me and it will take a very powerful presentation to open them up to the possibility of change. I find it interesting that those who hold this asset view seem to hold to it as if it were a revelation from the highest God.

They all believe that their logic is higher than anything else out there. The irony is that in most cases they are. When talking to average thinking people they do present higher reasoning and more complete information than accessible to many. In fact the first time I came across someone of this type of thinking in my youth I was impressed and accepted this philosophy for a time.

I am thus looking forward to presenting my treatise on this subject and will look forward to comments from Blayne, Larry and Susan. It will be a while yet before I write it for I need to finish my book first.


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