Re: (Off Topic) - Please Leave The Classroom

2008-3-5 04:36:00


"Would you kindly either have the common courtesy and decency to leave the classroom ..."


"Okay. There are many people here, including JJ, whom I have enjoyed knowing in this life. Good luck with your future endeavors."


Yes, I know some of your posts have been seen as disruptive by some and a few even may want you to discontinue, but you have many friends here who want you to stay including myself.

You have been a friend for a long time and I tend to give more latitude to friends, even if they become unfriendly for a time. Like you said, if you get too far out of line I can always put you on moderation.

I hate to see you reach a point where you discount me as a teacher and are considering leaving just because of a dispute over economics. And the sad part is that most of what you disagree with does not even reflect what I believe, but often reflects a misunderstanding of what I am teaching or trying to accomplish.

These type of problems reminds me of the story where an early Mormon rejected Joseph Smith as a prophet because he spelled his name wrong in a revelation. Instead of looking at the principle he was overly concerned with the details which he felt had to be correct or else.

In my opinion some of the things that have distanced you from me is the equivalent of spelling your name wrong. It is neither here nor there. Our real differences are much smaller than you see them.