Re: JJ Puts A Penny In The Fusebox

2008-2-28 05:27:00

Quoting Larry Kennon who had made the following statement to JJ in a previous message, Dennis Ure wrote:

"We are not on the same page. The gold standard is not impractical and if you had a smidgen of knowledge of the history of free markets and the gold standard in the 19th century you would know something of that..."

In response to the above statement by Larry, Dennis Ure then wrote to Larry saying:

"Sorry, but the kind of sarcastic statements you make (example below) is the reason I quit reading Dean's posts. So I now add your posts to Dean's. When one resorts to sarcastic remarks, then I know that you don't know any more than you think JJ or anyone else knows."

Then, and in response to Dennis' post, Ruth wrote added the following:

"I agree with you Dennis!

"I feel that through the negative comments that Dean, Blayne and Larry have made over the years in their posts to this group, that there could be a hidden agenda, and the agenda is one that is not in favour of JJ and his teachings, because if it was, they would be here to learn and not think that they are absolutely right in all their beliefs, and JJ is so wrong...."

Then, to all of this, JJ replied:

Even though we are having a heated discussion I consider both Larry and Blayne friends. On all but a few topics we could sit down and have a very amicable discussion. Unfortunately, this is not one of them. Hopefully some new insights will result from our dialog.